Edd Watches Pixar

So a few weeks ago on Facebook, it came up that I had only watched a couple of Disney’s highly-touted Pixar films.

My timeline had a meltdown. I just shrugged my shoulders. Why do people care so much about pixelated toys and fish running around?

But y’all know my rule – I never criticize something I haven’t seen for myself. So I took up the challenge and began watching all 20-something Pixar films, documenting the experience on Facebook. If Facebook isn’t your thing – Lord know I can’t blame you for that – I’ve brought all of madness right here to Soul In Stereo. While most of the folks on my timeline are looking at these films through the lens of nostalgia, allow me to give y’all real, unfiltered thoughts courtesy of my jaded 2020 vision.

Below you’ll find my thoughts on all the films I’ve seen so far. Check ’em out.

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