Edd Watches Pixar: Finding Nemo Review

I’m a grown man who hasn’t seen most of the Pixar movies that people are obsessed with, but I was challenged to check ’em all out and share my thoughts. Join me as I watch ’em all one by one – see if I buy into the hype.

Movie No. 5: Finding Nemo (2003)

Y’all wish a happy belated to my spiritual daughter Ciara who celebrated a birthday yesterday. Coincidentally, I took her and her brother to see Finding Dory in 2016 as a b’day gift.

While watching that movie, I wondered what was the deal with Nemo’s absentee mom. I don’t think it was mentioned. Well, the first few minutes of this movie certainly answered that depressing question. And that’s just the start of the sorrow.

Finding Nemo is the prettiest movie I’ve seen so far but good lord it’s also the most stressful. I may not be a dad but I’m a mentor to many and this movie was absolutely triggering. Every time Nemo’s dad was goofing around with Australian sharks or yakking with weedhead turtles I’m like BRUH GO FIND NEMO! It’s RIGHT THERE in the title of your movie!

Thankfully my blood pressure went down a bit with Nemo’s adventures in the Dentist Office of Doom. Correct me if I’m wrong because it’s been years since I’ve seen it but isn’t the plot of Finding Dory EXACTLY the same as Finding Nemo? Wasn’t she also trying to escape a fish tank with her assortment of soggy friends?

Frankly I don’t see how Dory survived this movie, let alone got her own.

Anyway, Finding Nemo boasts really strong messages about family, overcoming disabilities, growing up and letting go. Thematically it’s the most interesting movie so far … but it’s so sad and sobering and nerve-wracking that it’s not high on my list to rewatch. Murder, abandonment, family squabbles, an Alzheimer’s-afflicted fish – I pray for the parents who had to watch this repeatedly. No wonder some of y’all are so crazy. It even made me feel bad for wanting an aquarium in my office. I thought these movies were supposed to make you smile! My soul is not smiling!

Good film but lawd this one will drive you to drink … like a fish.

I’ll show myself out.

4 stars out of 5

Edd’s favorites:
Monsters, Inc
**Finding Nemo**
A Bug’s Life
Toy Story
Toy Story 2

Next time I’m watching The Incredibles, another I’ve seen before. I loved it at the time but I wonder if it holds up in this post Marvel Cinematic Universe society.

Want to see more? Keep up with Edd as he stumbles through the world of Pixar here.



  1. Easily a 5. One of the best animated movies ever. Watch it again

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