The 10 Absolutely Worst Rappers of All Time

Last week on the Books of Face, I was pulled into an interesting convo about what constitutes the worst rapper of all time. Of course, there are artists that we may dislike for any number of reasons:

roman reloaded

I can think of about 17 just from that photo alone.

But to be considered the worst of the worst, it takes a special brand of suck. Whether it’s a maddeningly lazy delivery, awful lyrics or embarrassing content, I’ve found the 10 worst offenders in rap.

Now, I’m not talking about wannabe hip-hop celebrities like Kevin Federline or Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP BROTHA) who dropped one terrible album and bowed out. I’m not even talking about one-hit wonders like OT Genasis and Trinidad James who barely have two singles to rub together. Instead, let’s look at 10 artists who, unfortunately, have made some sort of a career out of their trash bars.

eazy e

10. Eazy-E

I know half of y’all are running to the comments RIGHT NOW to call this list “garbage” for mentioning the name of the beloved Eazy-E. For the other half who haven’t embarrassed themselves yet, hear your boy out: there’s no question that Eazy is a West Coast rap pioneer who created iconic songs. But that doesn’t mean the man wasn’t awful on the mike, cuz Lord knows he was. Eazy’s flow was really jerky and stilted, like he was reading from one of those malfunctioning teleprompters from the BET Awards.  His Jheri curl was on fleek, tho.

the last don

9. Master P

Jay Z and the Roc, Eminem and D12, Nas and the Bravehearts — in most cases, the leader of a rap clique is also its best lyricist, the symbol of excellence for the entire crew. But if Master P is the symbol of excellence for the No Limit Soldiers, it’s no wonder most of ’em went AWOL. Apparently someone told P that RAPPING IN CAPS LOCK is the secret to success, so he spent most of the 90s screaming sewage into our ears. But there’s good news for P — he’s not even the worst rapper in his family! That honor belongs to…

silkk da shocker

8. Silkk da Shocker

Like a bow-legged toddler trying to catch a butterfly in the park, Silkk has been unsuccessfully chasing rap beats since 1995, tripping over his feet and falling on his face EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s almost like he was intentionally off-beat with every single bar. When it comes to timing his cadence with the track, homie ain’t even on the wrong page, he’s in a different library.

Footage of Silkk in the studio trying to catch the beat:

dropping the ball

There’s only one artist who consistently raps off beat as much as this guy:

big sean gif

7. Big Sean

AKA, your 8-year-old sister’s favorite rapper. Big Sean allegedly has been rapping for a decade, so why is the concept of STAYING ON BEAT still foreign policy to him?  He has a weird habit of cramming too many syllables in one bar, then not enough in the next, so his verses are like a raggedy game of Jenga — always two seconds from crumbling into the trash heap. And his punchlines? “Still rocking Louis Vuitton condom, cause I’m so f***ing in style.” Playa please.

One of my boys asked if I was planning to review Big Sean’s latest album. I told him I could sum it up in one image:

delete folder

mike jones

6. Mike Jones (Who?)

Journey with me back to 2004, when a mixtape rapper gained popularity by repeating his name a bunch of times and giving out his cell-phone number. Sounds like a thirsty chick on Snapchat.

For a brief, dark time in our country’s history, Mike Jones became the hottest rapper by basically repeating one line over and over again. Don’t believe me? Check out his verse from “Still Tippin'”:

Back then hoes didn’t want me, now I’m hot hoes all on me
Back then hoes didn’t want me, now I’m hot hoes all on me
Back then hoes didn’t want me, now I’m hot hoes all on me (I said!)
Back then hoes didn’t want me, now I’m hot hoes all on me

We heard what you said. Four times.

Instead of writing 16 bars, dude would write like 12 and just repeat a bunch of stuff to fill up the extra space. It’s brilliantly lazy, but downright embarrassing.


5. P. Puffy Diddy Daddy Combs

Your least favorite music mogul has been stealing the spotlight of more talented artists for nearly 25 years. You’d think that by sucking the same rarefied air as legends like the Notorious B.I.G. that he’d acquire some semblance of talent by osmosis.


Guess not.

Puff spent a career bragging about how he didn’t have to write rhymes, he wrote checks. He flaunted the fact that he could pay ghostwriters for hits — if that’s the case, why did he spend his money on such terrible lyrics? If you’re an egomaniacal millionaire with pockets as deep as the Mariana Trench, why would you not buy the best lyrics possible? He’s paying Jay Z prices for J-Kwon lyrics.

i don't like

4. Chief Keef

Y’all sure love making excuses for this dude. “He ain’t supposed to be lyrical”; “He makes hype music”; “He’s not so bad if you give him a chance.”

I just checked my fridge and we’re all out of chances. Are these REALLY the songs y’all are getting hyped off of?

Emojis, emojis, the b**** like to text emojis
Emojis, emojis, so I sent emojis
Emojis, emojis, and now we send emojis
Emojis, emojis, all she send is emojis

Keef’s whole career can be summed up with an emoji too:


young thug

3. Young Thug

Lemme lay out a scenario for you Thugga fans: It’s date night and you decide to take bae to the dollar movies to see the latest Tyler Perry disaster. Unfortunately, the audio in Ratchet Cinemas is jacked up, so everyone on screen sounds like Scooby Doo on lean.

I know how y’all do — if that scenario occurred, you’d run to the manager screaming for a refund AND some free popcorn for your troubles.

Yet, y’all turn right around and spend your hard-earned money on this babbling maniac:

Don’t tell me you know what he’s saying. Lies makes baby Jesus cry.

Last time I checked, you’re supposed to be able to comprehend what a rapper says and I’m not fluent in moron.

birdman galaxy

2. Birdman

Never before has a man made so much money from doing absolutely nothing. Ever since Cash Money took over for the nine-nine and 2000s, Baby has delivered the laziest, lethargic rhymes in rap history.

Went from sitting in the cell,
To sitting on a jet,
From sh*tting in the cell,
To sh*tting on a jet

All delivered with paint-drying enthusiasm. Every time Birdman rubs his hands, another rap career dies. Except his, sadly.

birdman hand rub


1. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

Back in 2007, I thought that “Crank That” was easily one of the worst songs ever recorded in rap history. EVER. The lyrics — the ones you could understand, that is — were abysmal, the cadence was horrendous and the content made no sense. But I chilled on the song, figuring that it was an eyesore that would soon fade away, like neon fanny packs. But NO, Soulja Boy actually became a bonafide rap star, releasing sorry “hit” after sorry “hit” and I still don’t understand how.

Take all the horrible qualities from nine rappers listed above and combine them — Soulja Boy is the Voltron Force of garbage MCs. Terrible flow, terrible lyrics, terrible production (that he usually handles himself, naturally) terrible tattoos, terrible attitude.

In almost a decade, his only contribution has been lying to poorly-dressed young men about how much “swag” they have.

Soulja Boy is THE WORST EVER.

soulja boy crying

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Feel free to share your least favorites (and complain about Eazy-E) below.



  1. U forgot future and Trinidad James

    • UGod from Wu Tang

    • U forgot about jarule hes my worst of all time WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU! He sounded like Dmx and tried to look like tupac

      • He sounded like DMX but they made completely different music; Ja had R&B hits while X had more street-themed hits. People think he tried to be Tupac because he wore bandanas, but so did Nate Dogg and other rappers. Pac wasn’t the only one who dressed like that; it was a popular look. You think any black dude who puts on a bandana and starts rapping is automatically a Tupac wannabe?

        “Put It on Me” and “Mesmerize” were Ja Rule’s only bad songs if I remember correctly. Otherwise, Ja is underrated. He was the one who figured out the formula to making a hit record; if you take a male rapper and pair him with a female R&B singer (Ashanti), it’s an instant hit. That formula is what laid the foundation for mainstream rap, and without Ja Rule and Ashanti there would be no Drake and Rihanna.

    • fuck all yall niggas that think eazy e sucks eazy is the godfather of gangsta rap.all niggas feelin have it

      • Eazy e was the god father of ice cybes lyrics dont get it twisted homie

        • Oh no.. you don’t get it twisted.. Ice cube and MC Ren created Eazy-E’s lyrics.. don’t be a fool

        • Yo I don’t disagree about him using Cubes lyrics… AT FIRST! But Cube left real early & if u don’t agree with my next statement then that’s fine but He had several albums & I say several Hood Anthems & Gangsta Rap Classics long after Cube left. It may take away a little him having help from Ice Cube but end of the day that song probably wouldn’t have been better any other way. Eazy-E belongs amongst the other select few Original sounding performers that I’ve never truly heard duplicated…. like E-40, Eminem, Soulja Slim, Mystikal & shit like him or not he’s on this list too…. I never heard anyone else sound like Silkk the Shocker. I know for a fact that Silkk hit off beat on purpose, so had he not intentionally done that I’d agree he was horrible; however, knowing his style & having heard his hits & seen his sales I can’t hardly agree with that either. This list should consist of Garbage motherfuckers that never went platinum. U got multi platinum artist on here with EAZY-E LoL … I almost think he added the talent to muster up more comments. Nobodt woulda said Shit if he was right

          • Ok sure ice cube left early but after that if you do your research ice cube won the beef battle against them all and after Ice cube left their lyrics didn’t make sense or go together and his career hit a slow decline afterwards and mc ren didn’t write the lyrics ice cube wrote all the lyrics and they play copy and paste in this day if that same situation happened eazy e mc ren and the rest besides Dr Dre would be considered a fall off

        • Easy E was fuckinnnnn awful!!

        • Eazy E was and still is my favorite NWA member. He was the only real gangsta in the group and i like his unique sounding voice. I do agree hes not Eminem lyrically but here are so many rappers worse then him. Way worse.

          • It’s co that you like eazy e but Ice cube was the nwa him and Dre created nwa and eazy they just put him in the back seat they slept on the wrong one you guys need to do your research

        • You dumb as hell thoughtz822 and very misinformed

      • When is the last time you actually listened to easy?

      • bruh why eazy that man is the shit and u know it u just dont wanna admit it.i mean man the was smooth on the mic.

      • Cube and Schooly D would call Eaze out to the flag pole for a throw down at 3pm after school. G Rap would have just pimpslapped him for being a little bitch.

    • Young thug and Eazy easily should not be on this list THIS IS TISM AT ITS FINEST

    • sikk da shocker and eazy-e should not be in this list

    • Your the one that cant rap buttcheeks face you ugly shit head and yeh im hating cause future not bad like your momma and dada.

    • Nick Cannon takes the number 1 spot.!!!

  2. the fuck is this bullshit, eazy is a fucking legend and big sean is dope af, this list is insignificant

  3. # Shawty lo

  4. I can agree with a lot of these. Big Sean is fucking trash. I’m from Detroit and we make fun of his ugly ass. Son is washed. Why you gotta put eazy on the list? Fucking Tyga bro. Can’t be disrespectin the greats like that and leave out that alien lookin cat Tyga.

  5. Where is iggy? To me she is the worst of all time!

    • Dammit I agree but throwing Iggy in would jeopardize the symmetry of the list where we’d mentally play that Sesame Street game where we’d be focusing on how “one of these things are NOT like the other” and who wants that? Besides, we probably shouldn’t mention her because that would be like admitting that she’s an actual rapper and since we didn’t do that with Vanilla Ice or Snow, we probably shouldn’t start tripping up now by giving the “appropriation brigade” what they want! 😉

    • Kys
      Her ass is nice

  6. There is a lot worse out there than diddy

  7. soulja boy is fucking trash

  8. Where is Kanye West?

  9. tyga is missing

  10. However garbage he is you can’t deny that young thug is funny

  11. What about Lil Zane? No one was worse than him. Except maybe Krazy from No Limit.

    • HEll yeah who made this list at least big sean is himself and he tries and every album is different everybody is entitled to their opinion bit come on

  12. No titty Boi aka 2 chainz?

  13. Eazy-E is a fuckin legend. Big Sean is a slut bitch. Seroiusly dude who like Big Sean? Big Sean should be No.1 on the most unfamous sluts of the world. Im from Dallas were people make fun of the slut. Big Sean says ass ass ass ass. That is so annoying.

  14. Putting Eazy-E on your list invalidated the entire list. Your list is officially a joke.

    • Your name is Ice Cube. The hate is expected.

    • Nailed It‼️ I seriously scrolled back to the top of the page cuz I thought I read the list wrong and was seeing the Best Rappers of All Time, LoL. Not Sure if Most would have him in their top 10 but NWA & Geto Boys were my 1st Tapes … they are my foundation of what Rap has become and what I have chose to listen to. Easy is one of a Kid Original & some of my Personal favs share that Quality . Often Player Hated Never Duplicated like E-40, Soulja Slim, Andre 3000, Eminem, Tech N9ne, etc… but Eazy was the 1st to Have a sound & style so unique yet still Hard than Concrete

  15. Lil John my god , I can’t stand his music.

  16. Eminem a lyricist? Doesn’t even count as a rapper he should be on this list for having 7 studio albums that just consist of songs about mom, Kim, Hailey and Ronnie. Dude adds extra syllables to words just to rhyme. “She screamed bloody murderer/so loud everybody hearded her” he’s a fucking joke.


  18. This is bs why would u guys disrespect some1 like this further more a legend…. The person who made this list is probably a hater and doesn’t have a life of their own so they had 2 ruin some1 elses peace smh #disrespect!!!

  19. U forgot slim Jesus
    Also EAZY E ain’t no legend cuz ICE CUbe wrote all his s rhymes…….

  20. This must be a newyork lame making this list because you left off every wack ass battle rapper from newyork that rap about kufu an bullshit jadakiss is the only hot nigga from uptop Jay wack fabulous wack want to be a south nigga so bad go back an check your list newyork hate they can’t be the south wack ass…..

  21. List already garbage Eazy-E
    And Bug Sean so you’re telling me they isn’t any worst rappers not on this list than them.

  22. Only thing bad you can say about Eazy is that he didn’t write his own lyrics, that why it sounds like he’s “reading from a teleprompter”. Big Sean isn’t as terrible as y’all are making him out to be (except that content/substance is not his strong suit). Otherwise, this list is pretty accurate, should’ve been Top 25, though. If it’s the worst rappers of ALL TIME, I would’ve gone back further than the late 90s.

    • Werd on Eazy and that teleprompter morse code ‘flow’ he had! I often wonder what would’ve happened if that bitch just went dead on him in the middle of his bars……but then he’d just end up babblling like Wayne and be called a genius for it so *shrug*. Anyway, I’m with you on that! Lol!

  23. If you put eazy e on this list you don’t know rap

  24. This list is ass come on now big sean! Eazy e? Young thug understandable, chief keef was ass but he tryna up his game a lil birdman ass soulja boy asss and number 6 ass 8 is ass and p diddy so its kindah accurate except for big sean and eazy u was trippin doin that

  25. Fam, just call this list, “The Worst Rappers Ever” and make it a living document because there are new entries on a daily basis these days, lol.

    BTW, I agree with every entry on this list.

  26. This list is on point! I would have lumped No Limit into one so that Kanye could take a well deserved spot on the list. I’m from the Chi and I know it doesn’t get any wacker than Kanye.

    A great MC that doesn’t get the credit is Andre 3000. IMO, he’s in the top 5 greatest.

  27. Its obvious many were entranced by the lyrics of Cube and beats by Dre…b/c Easy was a horrible MC. We love all his songs bc of those 2. Take them out the equation, and what’s left? A wack ass rapper. Same thing with Future…we rockin to those beats…but the lyrics are garbage.

  28. This is list is absolutely amazing! And I love see all of the Eazy-E apologists coming out of the woodwork.

  29. You Can find worst than Big Sean but he kinda is corny. But if you gone put Thug and Keef on here. You should of saved A nice spot for Future. You not the only person I heard say Eazy E is whack.In these catz dont know hip hop. Just because Eazy E was Iconic dont mean he was A good MC. That goes to Cube,Del the Funky Homosapien or The D.O.C they could of possibly wrote his rhymes.

  30. U guys are probably tranidad James dick riders and put eazy e on here to make tranidad James seem good

  31. when i listen to lifestyle all i hear is “LIVE LIFE LIKE A BAGUETTE AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGGINNINGGGGGGGG”

  32. Who ever made this list is not current with todays music. Young thug and Big Sean? Gtfoh smh

  33. Lol everyone is butthurt that eazy e is here

  34. Kanye is the worst, hands down.
    If you feel otherwise,
    then you are the problem.

  35. ewwwww…..i m sikk of chief keef & young thung,ugliest rappers of all time.also those who assholes who cant forgot someone else,kanye west,future,mechine gun kelly.

  36. This nigga obviously never heard Detroit style rap before . Big Sean over Future, Flo Rida or Birdman freaking French Montana? Young Thug? NIGGA ALL THESE SUCKY RAPPERS & you bring up big Sean??? Gtfo.

  37. The worse rappers ever are Future, Chief Keef, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan,Vanilla Ice, Iggy Azalea, Flavor Flav, Souljah Boy, Silk the Shocker, and Snow.

  38. you put EAZY E wtf is your problem ??

  39. because I have heard their music…..I Agree with you some people will listen to ANYTHING

  40. Anonymous dude May 1, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    uhhh, I have no idea who half of these people are, I like Classic Rock!

  41. Anonymous dude May 1, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    P.S. where is Kanye one here

    • Wait..What # was boosie? I must have missed that. Boosie sounds like Trina alter ego! His voice is so f%*king annoying,I would go full Beethoven and chop my damn ears off after 30 seconds of hearing him allegedly rap!! That shit angers me fr!😤😤

  42. fuck eazy or what ever nigga couldnt write his on lyrics without ice motherfucken cube no vaseline without cube no NWA

  43. Where’s Drake ….. Very disappointed of you ..

  44. Tony yayo!! Complete garbage

  45. Definately Drake should be on the list! He sounds like a toddler.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kanye on the list either.

  46. I personally don’t think Mike Jones should be on the top ten worst list. He had Flow. He just didn’t have enough time to do what he could’ve done.

  47. Lmfao did someone say young thug is dope???? Funniest shit of 2016. Good list but theres worse you could have put instead of eazy and Diddy is actually alot better than most of these clowns!

  48. My all time wack
    1.2 chainz- just listen to elchapo junior,
    2.Future- all his songs, codeine astronauts (surely they know they are suck)
    4.Meek Mill-shouts like a woman n always on top of his voice instead of on top of his game
    5.young thug- No comments
    6.Kanye West- A career outta controversies, not talent.
    7.Big sean- Fairly good, at least he ain’t topping the list
    8.Wiz Khalifa- He knows he wack but he knows his type of beat so he makes nice music
    9.Eazy E
    10.Puffy 🙂

  49. Tyga sucks & his is the worst fcuking rapper alive. He make me want to jump out of a moving car & DIE. When it come to being a bad rapper it dont get no worse then him. HE SUCK ASS

  50. man u got life f***** up soulja boy should have never even been on the list i bet he could rap circles around any legitimate rapper u can think of

  51. Lil yachty
    Lil uzi vert
    Travis scott
    2 Chainz(wannabe different)
    Young thug
    Big sean(used to be dope but trys to hard now)
    Tyga(possibly not sure)
    Niki Minaj(trys to hard)
    There are others but they were orginaters of corny..the niggas listed dickeat then try to convince the world their complex like odd future kid cudi pharrell common kanye west lupe fiasco etc. The Im different syndrome

    • Odd future birthed two of the best rappers in the industry right now, both Earl and Tyler can drop some of the best bars and they’re the one of only ones who still show appreciation to the art and craft of rap. Kanye West has solidified himself as a true rapper with his delivery and unique bars which he has proven over albums like Ye, KSG, MBDTF, and college dropout.

  52. Only one I disagree with is Mike Jones. His hooks sound stupid (WHO? MIKE JONES) but his lyrics are actually on point. Go listen to Back Then and see that the lyrics are pretty dope.

  53. Does Chanel west coast even count?

  54. LOL! Im new to your website but on the strength of the honesty of this list ALONE I’m in your corner for life! #onpoint

  55. You forgot 50 Cent. He’s probably the worst rapper of all time. Every time he raps he sounds like he’s mumbling; I know it’s because he got shot in the tongue, but still. He’s also a shitty lyricist.

    What really makes him the worst rapper of all time is that he’s the REASON that every mainstream rapper raps about sex and drugs nowadays. He basically stole Ja Rule’s style of love songs, but he made them more sexualized. Take Candy Shop, for example. 50 Cent raps about sex throughout the whole track. Now every rapper does the same thing.

  56. Timberland as a “rapper”…Magoo

  57. You all obviously haven’t heard of Slug Christ..

  58. This article was great there was only 2 I didn’t agree with you on good job and you didn’t mention Desiiner damn he is trash

  59. bro wat u said is d most insane thing AV ever heard in my lyf

  60. Forgot Shaq lmaooo.

  61. All of these rappers are trash, young thug is the worst, biggie is the best anyone who likes soulja boy or young thug kill yourself for listening to them.

  62. This list is wack af. Eazy E is one of the most iconic rappers of all time, whoever made this list has no respect. He had his own style and flow with an original voice. You ever heard of NWA???? Come on now. Oh and also, you put Big Sean on here???? Wtf I wanna meet the dude who made this list and tell him in person that he has no f*cking sense whatsoever. Wacccckkkkk.

  63. You also forgot the name of yo yo honey singh

  64. Peedi Crakk. Dumb name. Dumb flows.

  65. Just heard Big Sean on Good Morning America. Oh my gosh !!!! Awful !!! I anxiously searched for remote to switch to ANY OTHER CHANNEL.

  66. Young Thug shouldn’t be on the list. The guy’s music is fockin splendid yall

  67. Why isn’t Bloody Jay on this? Honestly the worst in the music game. No structure to his song, he used the word “potato” to rhyme with “room”. The fuck out of here

  68. It’s cool that we can all agree to disagree…#Ole School Rap Rules tho

  69. y’all wrong af about young thug. I mean everything after slime season 3 is shit, but for fuck sake, big Sean is 7 and thug is 3. big Sean’s a fuckin chode.

  70. You’re funny, but you ain’t lying.

  71. all I can say is: I can sleep better knowing Big Sean made the list.

  72. dawg big sean is not bad

  73. Yo this list is ass you clearly have no concept of rap or the artists you claim to be so bad. Either that or you are one sarcastic son of a bitch. What Master P did for rap is unbelievable definitely not the most skilled lyricist, but the empire he built, his career is one of crazy success.
    So if you dissing master P da last don’t then Fuck you buddy!

  74. Clearly you should update your top ten. I understand the sentiment, but rapping is more than lyrics and flow – charisma is essential! That would remove Eazy E and others from list. Some rappers to consider:
    Tyga (god awful)
    Prince B (PM dawn)
    Iggy Azalea (literally imitating black people)
    Magoo (really really bad)
    Master P (spot on analysis by you)
    Soulja boy
    Diddy (imagine Biggie never existed – would he? Amazed at how stiff and boring his flow remained)
    Lil Yachty
    And the worst 3:
    Cheef keef

  75. Grab the ski mask, here’s a task, go in broke, come out with cash, we’re you slick? Yeah, you gotta be cunning’ told ice cube to leave the car runnin’, walked in, said this is a robbery, didn’t need the money it’s just a hobby, fill the bag homeboy don’t lag, I want money,beer, and a pack of zig zags!!!! I don’t give a fuck I take travelers checks. Eazy e is one of the greatest before and after cube Fuck all you Eazy haters West Coast!!!!

  76. Yo man, a lot of yáll are actually mad in these comments, can we all take a minuet to actually acknowledge how damn FUNNY this shit is like the way he wrote this had me in tears bruh like on GOD LMFAOOOOO!!!! I love this bruh keep it up I’m DEADDDD lol

  77. You forgot UGod.Golden arms whatever his name is from Wutang Clan

  78. Your list is shit. Young Thug is a new type of music. Chief Keef is turn up music.

  79. My Boy Skinny Penis February 28, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    This fool must like mumble rappers OG rappers are immune to this list due to the fact they created everyone later on not their fault the rap game turned into sloppy grandma pussy

  80. Young Thug is WHACK. That wouldn’t be a big deal except when people call him a genius.

  81. Reading these comments is like going to the projects lol

  82. Have Riff Raff and Paul Wall not enjoyed 10+ year careers???. Also, I agree with a comment suggesting the inclusion of Future. Future does interesting music but he’s as equally an awful emcee as any listed. Sharp, Detailed, Humorous read. Thanks

  83. The list needs edit.
    1. Gucci Mane (totally garbage)
    2. Kanye West (very soft & simplified, very overrated)
    3. Tyga (completely bad)
    4. Soulja Boy
    5. 2Chainz
    6. Drake (similar to Kanye)
    7. O.T. Genasis
    8. Big Sean
    9. Future
    10. Waka Flucka Flame
    11. Young Thug
    12. Boosie
    13. B.G.
    14. Meek Mill
    15. Wiz Khalifa
    16. Chief Keef
    17-n – a lot of new pop rappers wit no flow or unique style
    Note: 50, Diddy, Mike Jones Birdman, Eazy, Silkk, Master P, maybe bad to someone, but not so irritating bad like “rappers” on the main list
    cuz Real Rap mustn’t b like a bucket wit snops, and mumblin like a cow chewin grass..

  84. I don’t listen to this crap anymore. I only listen to real rap music. Like Vanilla Ice.

  85. At the end of the day who is great and who is not is subjective to the listener. There is no point in arguing in the comments. I will say though I don’t think Big Sean is anything special I don’t think that he is anything special I certainly don’t think he deserves to be on this list.

    • After reading this list I decided to listen to some silkk the shocker and his big brother Master P. I’m now fans of there work 😂. Thanks Edd for introducing me to such horrible rappers. So bad but enjoyable at the same time.

  86. Have you even heard Uzi’s music? He beats the shit out of lots of modern rappers, y’all just think he’s shit because he uses autotune and mumbles, Uzi mumbles because his fanbase prefers his flow and shit like that, he doesn’t do it by accident, he does it on purpose. Not too mention some songs are lyrical, catchy, and just certified platinums, not to mention raps competition on best albums so far, Uzi beat Eminem’s album by streams and sales. You may think he doesn’t have talent but it’s impossible to realize he’s one of the most successful in the game. Now don’t disrespect a legend again my friend.

  87. After reading this list I decided to listen to some silkk the shocker and his big brother Master P. I’m now fans of there work 😂. Thanks Edd for introducing me to such horrible rappers. So bad but enjoyable at the same time.

  88. After reading this list I decided to listen to some silkk the shocker and his big brother Master P. I’m now fans of there work 😂. Thanks Edd for introducing me to such horrible rappers. So bad but enjoyable at the same time.

  89. What about kanye west and lil Wayne.


  91. At all again you know nothing about MC period facing it on Flow and lyrics not hit songs not great albums just flow and lyrics technical skills. Eazy-E was basic as f*** and he read his lyrics he had no bounce to his delivery whatsoever listen to boys in the hood he sounded hard yes but he had no flow he didn’t have delivery and I loved NWA but some of you just need to find another f****** culture or John Roman. Whoever said Kanye is on crack and I can’t stand that dude but he’s one of the better wrapping producers there is. Look at his delivery on gold digger or through the wire. now play that against Eazy-E just play the acapella don’t play The beat if you can’t hear the difference don’t listen to rap music anymore cuz you know what the f*** you’re talking about. Trinidad James should have been on this list he’s terrible. Designer, Malachi The nutcracker, Praa from Fugees, Too Short ( I respect you dude but man he is so boring it’s like listening to paint dry he has no f****** emphasis on different words and no energy whatsoever.) You just fan boys that don’t understand lyricism and rapping. You were to go by the best rappers of all time technical skill-wise based upon their peers you have Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big l, Big Pun, Nas, Pharaoh munch, black thought, Eminem, Royce the 59, Elzhi, Locksmith, RA the Rugged Man, AZ, Lord Finesse,Andre 3000, AZ, Cyhi, Los, INS, Benny and Conway, among others. If your taking flow, Biggie, Meth, Mos Def, Em, Jay, Tteach, Pac, etc.

  92. Nicki Minaj….

  93. Yo soulja boy go hard so does young thug yall hoes only fucking put black ppl on her is that all you do all i see is black black black black bclace black black black black black

  94. i disagree with this whole list except for soulja, p.diddy, and birdman why put thug on here hes artistic at least but gunna and lil baby def deserve a spot

  95. i tell who hella sucks too. first off, top ten garbage is harder than best bc mo is garbage than is good. now, who hella sucks today(they was aiight in they day) pac and biggie, is hella trash, but still better than most today. and pac and big was hella shillin. agents puppets scripted actors. eminem too i dont listen to none of the fucks. eminem is one of the rawest but i wouldnt listen to his cointel pro ass. just sayin. idgaf what anybody think. im not wrong at all. thats on you you dont like it. adios

  96. Jay is a racist piece of shit. And there is no way Tupac is a better actor than Will Smith. And what is wrong with you guys? This isn’t a best and worst rapper list, it’s a best and worst rappers who act list. Jesus Christ.

  97. There are a few rappers missing from the worst list that, should be noted. Master P comes to mind as someone fairly consistent on bringing a terrible performance, as does the collective of ICP. The fact that they have not only starred, but generated movies for which to fill the shelves is a nightmarish shit fest that sits on my brain whenever I give it a thought. Several users commented on how Vanilla Ice should also be included. I would have to agree, as anyone who gives TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze a screening would know, he is in the movie. However, this may not be eligible, as he played himself performing a song. The fact that this was committed to film is downright repulsive, no matter how active a role in the acting world he played with that piece of “classic” movie magic, I would still consider him to be top of any shit list.

  98. Call da fire department.Oh I forgot 911 is a joke in your town

  99. yo dont ever disespect eazy like that.

  100. this list is garbage lmao June 8, 2021 at 1:43 pm

    one of the worst lists about hip hop ive ever seen, period

  101. you’re fucking deaf

  102. not they picked the most liked and most well known rappers and said “they’re trash” without any further explanation for attention 💀

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