Trap Gospel? Erica Campbell’s ‘I Luh God’ Needs An Intervention

i luh god

A few months ago, we lost Andrae Crouch, who penned some of the most powerful gospel songs in the game. “Soon and Very Soon,” “Through It All,” “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” – those tracks burst with emotion and resonated strength. They inspired generations.

In his absence, we’re left with THIS:

A couple of days ago, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary fame dropped this … thing on us, christening it “Trap Gospel.”

Lord give me strength.

I see what Erica is trying to do and, in theory, I’m not mad at it. Mary Mary has become the biggest gospel act in the past 15 years by making its music relevant for the masses. The biggest problem with modern gospel is that your grandma n’ dem think that hymns have to be confined to Sunday morning service. Y’all have LITERALLY been preaching to the choir for years.

News flash, Rev. Dr. Bishop Elder Man, the folks you want to reach are outside your church walls.

That’s why I had no problem with Kirk Franklin and Salt stomping with God’s Property or Kanye West walking with Jesus. Those songs took the message of gospel in new directions.

“I Luh God” is going backward, playa.

In an attempt to reach new audiences, Erica is falling into the same trap (so to speak) as your favorite trash radio rappers – dumbing down their messages to appeal to soft-minded listeners. It’s not the direction I have beef with, it’s the preschool-level message.

I mean look at the title alone – “I Luh God.” Playa you can’t take an extra millisecond to properly pronounce LOVE? The production, the lyrics, everything is embarrassingly basic and has none of the substance of earlier contemporary hits like “Shackles” or “Go Get It” or “God in Me.”

I know some of y’all only listen to music for beats, ignoring lyrical content. To me, that’s like eating the skin off your fried chicken and throwing the meat in the trash. Well, the power of gospel lies in its lyrics. They’re meant to inspire and provide hope, not simply to just be catchy.

We went from saying this in “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power”:

For it reaches to the highest mountain
And it flows to the lowest valley
The blood that gives me strength
From day to day
It will never lose its power

To this:

I luh God
You don’t luh God?
What’s wrong with chu?

Playa please.

And I won’t even get into the sheer madness of christening a genre of gospel “trap” – who told Erica it was cute to name hymns after drug houses?

I have no doubt that “I Luh God” is gonna be one of the biggest songs of the spring – maybe even of the year. And I’m sure youth groups across the country are already choreographing their praise routines to this trash song. If you got tired of hearing “God In Me” as every church lady’s ringtone, wait till you hear “I Luh God” interrupting this Sunday’s sermon.

Look, I ain’t mad at gospel moving out of the choir stands and into the streets. But there still needs to be a semblance of reverence in the lyrics. If we gotta talk like Lil’ Darryl to express our love for Jesus, something has gone seriously wrong.

I have no problem with God being in the trap. But y’all don’t have to MAKE God trap. Y’all need to do better.



  1. Yeshua's servent April 7, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    I totally agree, I understand how individuals are trying to reach the masses. BUT, God is the same today, yesterday, and forevermore. Yeshua/Jesus said come up out of the world and be yea transformed by the renewing of your mind. We have to STOP trying to fit in with the world. We are not of this world, we need to be preaching the unadulterated gospel, preach repentance, live HOLY, and on our knees praying! That’s how you reach the masses, with The Word of God! Saints we need to pray and we need to stop supporting “gospel junk”. Theses new babes in Christ are not going to make it in these last and final evil days off of “you don’t luh God, what’s wrong wit chu” that’s total garbage! Is your all on the altar, I surrender all, you are alma and omega, lord we lift you up, we exalt you OH Great Yhovah/Jehovah/God, we reference you Lord, you are Majestic, the Blood that saves, heals, cleanses, justifies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his GLORY with exceeding joy; to the ONLY Wise GOD our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

    • everybody that is hating on this song is closed minded people, its a gospel song people, so what its over a trap beat, she didnt get the beat from a trap artist, and she didnt use another persons beat like katey perry did to lecrea (but nobody talked about that) nobody talked about how katey took a christain beat and used it for a dark song. but we all have a problem when a christain singer gets turned up. COME ON, THIS IS STUPID, as for me, the song is great, she loves god, each word in a song dosnt have to be pronounced with such clearity. It can get a little crump just think about it, would the song be any better or worse if she had said the whole word love instead of luh… it dosnt matter we all got the message. Shes not crossing over to rmb like mali music. She is staying in her lane that God…God put her in and if she wants to get crumpt a little and call God her ride or die Dog (get it), then thats fine with me. So as for the people that dont like the song, please dont see me at a red light when im bumppen this christain trap, cause my bass is gone be up all the way and u know… i might have my windows down, just so you can hear it more clearly. Cause I LUH GOD, YOU DONT LUH GOD WHATS WRONG WICH YOU?

      • First of all, everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. For that point alone, I will not express my personal sentiments about this song, BUT, if you’re going to bash someone who does NOT like this song because they’re “close- minded”, i suggest you not be “close-minded” when it comes to writing grammatically correct. That being said, i do agree with this article in EVERY shape and form because for someone to comment so ignorantly justifies WHY this song has no substance and reaches soft-minded listeners.

    • Yes, I didn’t like it, but it didn’t stop me from hearing it, I am old school, and what I listened for was the message, in today’s world where Christian are being muffled because of our Beliefs in Jesus Christ, we need to reach as many for his kingdom, and as long as we don’t change the word, the alpha and omega whom is God, than let’s do what ever is possible in our reach, no time to waste on he said or she said or did. Just pass it on .. in the long run no word gets to the hearts of men unless by the Holy Spirit. Have a wonderful CHRISTMAS, let’s keep him in his season. Be bless

  2. Yeshua's servent April 7, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    Jude 1:24-25

  3. I really thought the song was a joke when I first saw the clip of the performance. It’s hard to believe she went there.

  4. I laughed when I heard it.

  5. If trap gospel can appeal to the same audience that trap music about drugs and violence does, I think we can afford to sacrifice a syllable to capture their minds.

    Lets not pretend like there aren’t many Black Christians don’t say ‘I luh God’ in exactly the same manner as Erica on this song and that has nothing to do with them being dumb.

    • Nah, you miss the point homie. I’m not saying that people who say ‘luh’ are necessarily dumb. I’m saying the song is dumbing down – or simplifying – the gospel unnecessarily.

      • no its not. you woulnt care if lecrea said it. or andi mineo, so why does it matter that she came out the seems with it. the song is dope…..end of the story

  6. I luh God and…

    The only thing that is stopping me from going hard on my response to this article is that the subject involves God. That said, I’ll keep it short and simple. Author, you’re putting Erika’s operative use of “slang” on blast, while simultaneously and repeatedly using the term “Playa” (standard spelling: Player.

    Do you know the history of the word “Player” being used, freely, when not discussing a sport? I won’t go into it. Look it up. The point is, your intention is to connect with your readers and let those who have ears/eyes for your delivery hear and understand your message. Even while using a term which can be seen as “dumbing down” the English language. Your focus is twisted. The fact that SOMEBODY has the NUTS to go where the Church wants to make believe that God has no place is commendable in and of itself. You are apart of the crew who thinks they have God and HIS plans all figured out, for whatever reason, and you are doing not only your readers but yourself a grave disservice by being petty.

    God, Jesus…having a REAL relationship with Him is NOT complex. If Jesus sticks “CLOSER THAN A BROTHER” then when I say “LUH” God…He Most Definitely knows what it is.

    It IS for HIS glory, right? Why do we keep trying to make believe God ain’t “Down to Earth”??? Sigh…we have sooooooo far to go as believers. f


    Look, the point is, your argument has no legs…at least none that YOU can stand on because your own article is in direct offence of the same crime your are charging Erika with committing.

    She doesn’t need an intervention. She needs encouragement…just like you…just like me. It’s sad when someone like you has am audience who counts on you for a sound minded perspective, yet you are a walking contradiction. Prior to addressing this subject, it would have been wise of you to have done some self assessment.

    However, although this article would be the cat calling the kettle black, it was extremely well written. I would recommend you do a follow up with a formal apology to Erika and your readers for the reasons I did and intentionally did not mention. Blessings

    • Hmmm, if you’re weirded out by my use of ‘playa,’ you must be new here, homie. That’s an apples and oranges comparison anyway. I have no beef with slang – clearly I use it all the time. It’s just dangerous to dumb down hymns with silliness like ‘luh’ and ESPECIALLY damaging tags like ‘trap gospel,’ which is inexcusable no matter Erica’s good intentions. Now if I start calling God playa, then you can yell at me.

      • AGREED…..great article in ALL of its essence. I guess the “masses” think that the woman preaching the word with her breast nipple hanging out of her bra is acceptable too….simply because she has a bible in her hand and says amen every now and then

    • I agree with you. Put Him first.. Keep Him in you’re heart and you’d be able to receive the message. Little more Jesus (no pun intended) and little less judgement and negativity. The devil stays busy.. We must stay vigilant. Be Peace. Blessings

  7. Why don’t we pump that song up in church roll a few blunts up and really get it crack’n. That way we can bring the blunt smokers into the fold as well. I mean God loves us all. No need in leaving them out. And let’s not stop there. We need to reach the crack smokers drug dealers and alcoholics as well. Why not just set up a bar in during worship service and while we are at it how about a stripper pole. They need God too. If that’s the only way we can reach them then by God let’s do it! God knows what’s in their hearts and we have found the way to reach them. No need in doing it the way Jesus taught us or use the examples in the bible. We got this now. God you can kick back and watch us bring in the masses even though you said narrow is the way that leads to you and broad is the way the leads to destruction. We’ve figured out a way to widen that narrow way. We did good huh God!

    • Mercy..smh God bless your heart.

      • Child of God im laughing so hard!😂😂 I agree, He told us how to be “fishers of men”& THIS is NOT it! This song is absolutely ridiculous!Trap gospel?? Thats pretty close to(if not) blasphemous..As for the “grammer nazi’s” on here..Get a life!Everybody wanna(yea,I said wanna!)be an english teacher! That is sooo annoying!

    • Well…being caught off guard with ANY and EVERY one of these “reaches” is a thing of the past. Remember when ATMs, credit card swipes or even the THOUGHT of them in church, was absolutely absurd ? Well……haven’t done the research but would venture to say they can be found in 85% of “churches”. Can I get a witness????

  8. YES!! I could not agree with you more. I am so sick of people pretending to be devout CHRISTIANS, and yet they release mess like this. I REFUSE to believe that “I LUH God” was a song that Erica was led to because of her devotion to God- seems more like the priority is popularity.

  9. It’s a simple song. I don’t see the issue. I think its brilliant and rather give her the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t even know who she was until I heard the song on the radio and chose to look further into it. Now I will go and see what other songs she has out there before I decide if I like her as a music author. And yes I said brilliant she is simplifying it in such a way she can reach out and relate to the secular crowds and I’m sure Im not the only one who will be looking up any further songs she may have and it may be in those other songs that she has a deeper message and maybe b/c of this song I luh God that a listener was able to relate to her that in the next song that may have a deeper message that they just might actually be willing to listen to it.

  10. I personally love the song. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think people are reading to much into it. It’s not that serious. I really can’t believe that people are taking this song and chopping it like that. This woman is an gospel artist that’s trying to reach the crowd some gospel artist will never reach. God’s word will never change but the methods of how we reach people can. If that’s the case then we will still be doing things the way they were done back in Jesus days. It states in the word That we would do greater works than Jesus…Does that mean literally that we will perform better or greater miracles than Jesus NO, that simply means we will have more resources and ways to get the word spread abroad in this day and time than back in the time of Jesus. So I think people need to just uplift and pray for one another and enjoy. I LUH GOD, I MEAN WHAT’S WRG WIT CHU.

  11. God word says…we should not mix the holy with the profane plain & simple. I am a former holy-hip hop rapper & performer who chose to listen and obey God spoken word through a minister by the name of Pastor G. Craige Lewis of Ex-ministries. I had the same passions and desire of all of the famous gospel artist this forum is speaking of. However, for the people on this forum who are defending the TRUTH keep standing on God Word. He is separating the wheat from the tares. God said His sheep know his voice & a stranger they will not follow. These people who are defending Erica & all of the other gospel artists out there who are doing the same thing are these people fans which means followers. There spiritural ears are clogged & their spiritual eyes are closed. Until the choose to truly follow God and not man they will continue to operate under the Spirit of error and not the Spirit of righteousness. You can’t argue with or reason with a fool nor can you correct one. Let us intercede on their behalf to develops in wisdom and understanding. God bless.

    • Love your response. My daughters introduced me to the song last night because evidently there is a video now. Had never heard it before (and I hope to never hear it again). The video and the song…where is Jesus? Will souls be saved? I just don’t see the message of the cross and it’s Power to change lives.

    • Well according to your judgement, I guess me and my 18 year old musical taste are going to hell then because this song definitely appeals to me. I’ll continue to praise, love and enjoy God according to my unique relationship with him and I hope that you do the same. I pray that we both make it through the gates of heaven and can rejoice together.

      With love,

  12. I love it! She shows versatility and creativity. People mispronounce love for like luh everyday all day in prayer. Everyone isn’t articulate does that mean God turns a death ear? Young people are singing it, if they sing it it gets down in your spirit. Every song is not for everyone but to say now the church can roll up blunts is cray! This type of song is not the only way she expressed her “luh” for Jehovsh is just another way!

  13. If everyone can get pass the “I luh God” and listen to the rest of the song, Mrs Campbell lets all know that we start living when we are forgiven by God. When we live for God, we recognize that there’s no other way to live. What we have, we did not get IT on our own. It is by God’s grace that He wants to bless us, EVERY DAY!!!! She also says that none of this means anything when Jesus returns and we miss HIM, get LEFT BEHIND!!!! The Gospel is a simple message!!! It is simple so that a neophyte can understand it. God gave His son, Jesus Christ as a sacrifice so that our sins can be forgiven. When we accept Jesus Christ, the sacrifice God provided as our Lord and Saviour, then our sins are forgiven. Because of this, we love Him because He first loved us. Simple. Erica Campbell is testifying of her LOVE for the Lord. Who are we to say that God is displeased with that because WE don’t like the way she is saying it? Let’s ask ourselves this question everyday, better yet, let’s ask God “have we lived our lives today that was pleasing in his sight? As Mrs Campbell simply puts it, we don’t want to miss Him when He comes back!!!!

    • …..well I can not hear the “other” words because of that DOPE, TRAP BEAT thats hypnotic. THATS the whole point and purpose of secular music. Aint nothing but a feel good and distraction that lulls the people to sleep, to be taken without a fight. Erica AND her sister been performing NAKED for years all the while claiming they love the Lord….I am not saying that they don’t but what I am saying is “first” go put some clothes on so that what you are doing as woman don’t tempt men and husband who are “growing” away from the worldy, to be more pleasing to God . Confusion i tell you…just admit it.

  14. I love the song 200%,when I first heard it on the radio I knew she had a banger…my children sang it and it’s the difference between her other artists think outside the box

  15. If a person was sitting net to me on a bus or train and was thinking about suicide, murder, adultery …etc. Unknowingly I start singing “I love God… What’s wrong with you” that could quickly minister to that person causing conviction and stop the person from acting out the demonic thoughts.
    I would like to hear the reason behind the song from the artist herself. I also know the song could make people want to know what other songs are on the album which would give them that more intimate revealing of Gods love, grace and power.

    • …at the same time that TRAP BEAT may be the very thing that gets them so “lulled” that they slice their throat all over your Sunday dress It could go either way….depending,right? Lets make the odds greater that they choose LIFE and we can help by not CONFUSING confusion…THATS LOVE

  16. Brilliant song! I agree that “I Luh God” has no resemblance whatsoever to the power of an Andre Crouch song that moves you to tears and on your knees before God. Even the maestro himself (Andre) wrote many songs that were simply tunes for listening enjoyment – not much depth. Did I speak blasphemy? Joy is also an emotion that can be ignited by a song that stirs a different part of our soul. “I Luh God” is funny. It’s kind of like Tyler Perry’s “Madea”. It’s not going to change your life, but it may brighten your moment. The pronunciation may be offensive to some. I get that. But the articulation of the words is the brilliance of the song (not to mention the beat). Erica Campbell is not using obscenities that many revert to – and then we award them like they’ve done something special. The vulgar nature of many other artists is what I find ignorant and “dumbed down”. Some people will complain and find fault if you gave them a $100 bill. There’s enough trouble and sorrow in life. Take time to enjoy the witty, charming moments (or songs) that come along… “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Lighten up. Smile. Take a deep relaxing breath. Even David the psalmist wrote songs with a wide range of splendor, awe, sorrow and joy. Let the woman sing. You go girl!

  17. when I first heard this song I thought it was a joke, then I listened it through and gotta admit – it’s catchy. I don’t see any issue with it. It’s light hearted and fun and it’s something I can bump with my kids – and we listen to it quite often. It’s a simple message and what’s wrong with that? It, to me, is not implying that we should dumb down the message or the way we reach people, but meant to be a fun song expressing a love for God. Is there a requirement for every song to reach the depth of an Andre Crouch song? Not at all. There is a place for that as there is a place for a simple fun song like this. Praise God she is choosing to talk about how much she loves God vs something else of this world. Why aren’t we recognizing that? You never know how God could use that song to bless someone, so we should be the last to bash her for it. Girl can sang too!

  18. My wife asked if I would give the song a listen without her opinion being interjected. I agreed and I gave her my opinion based on how my spirit allowed me to. Dumbing down was mentioned and I agree. Just because a group or a culture of people might behave or talk a certain way especially in this country its not too cool to drop correct spelling or grammar to show common ground. Someone said ” where is Jesus in this?” Who gets the glory? If to make it simple heres an example fresh from the word..Jesus didnt have to act like a tax collector, a fornication or thief to minister to them and He got the word to the masses. Seriously I have a twenty-four year old daughter and ive seen the videos.. I was wondering when the bottles would pop and the strippers would start their routine. . I Love music..I really dont luh it..

  19. Sorry. . Fornicators..

  20. I can say that I am conflicted about this genre of gospel music but I will also admit that I am lead to complete joy about loving God when I hear this song. I grow up on R&B so this song catches one’s attention if you also have some interest in Hip Hop as well. I do feel that the controversy over this song only solidifies that the Artist has done her job and is true to her assignment which is bringing folks to God and having him spoken of above all others. To God be the glory and may he continue to bless those who make the attempt to honor him.

  21. At 43, I just think that Ericka Campbell is too old to be mimicking rap music and artists. As for the improper grammar, it is shameful because we have worked so hard to learn to speak, spell, and use English correctly and for someone of her caliber, who is also a mother, to resort to slang, to “reach the masses” is inexcusable as well as near-sighted because its as though only uneducated, young, hip hop loving people comprise the masses. There is no general demographic of the unsaved, it is an equal opportunity status with an equal opportunity chance for redemption. Ericka, you have already been anointed to sing God’s praises, you do not need the gimmicks. Oh by the way, seek to be more theologically sound when penning lyrics, the song “I Need A Little More Jesus” is disconcerting. We need a lot more of Jesus and everything He has to offer. Perhaps, “I need you to help me Jesus, I need you to help me Jesus, I Need you to help me Jesus to get me through each day” would really reach the masses. Remember, we don’t need to bring people down to our level, we need to lift God up so He can draw them up to His level.

    • I have one problem with the song the first time I listened to it I was so shocked if you listen keenly it sounds like ….
      “I LUH GOD
      YOU LUH GOD?
      Here’s my point since when did “DON’T” become a SILENT Word!

  22. I agree. I am sick and tired of “christians” today doing whatever it is they do to please the world. These hollywood christians are an example for no one. How are you suppose to invite them in when you are like them. That luh God was plain and simple ignorant. Luh is not a word and we all know what a trap is. Shame on you Erica, but hey it’s not like this is being read by her. As long as it plays on the radio that’s all that matters to them. The only reason it’s getting any air play is because it sounds like every other worldly beat.

  23. I’ve read the article and I totally disagree. I wont even bother with reading all of the negative posts. I luh the song. Period. God knows my heart and I needn’t prove my devotion to fleshly being. People are entitled to their opinion and that’s OK. I won’t add to the negativity here because its not Godly..and cause I luh God You don’t love God? Luv Him I luv Him. IM FORGIVEN IM FORGIVEN !!!!!I heard the applies to my life perfectly.. Therefore
    Play. Praise.Repeat. I thank Him.

  24. *to any fleshly/ human being. (Just in case the grammar cops see my mistake) peace n blessings to All.

  25. I can’t get past the first line of this song when it plays on my satellite radio. I have to turn to POTUS or NPR or anything else. As far as the music drawing people to Christ? Not gonna happen! I have been to many concerts with Christian Rockers, Rappers, etc, and people make confessions of faith true enough, but it is done without a word from a preacher. How can they hear without a preacher? What typically happens is people listen to that genre of music for a while but then realize it’s no different than what they left. Why not get the real thing? They eventually drift back out there into the world because the music is no different than that of the world.

    Someone said it earlier, the power of rock, R & B, and other worldly music is in the rhythm and harmonies. The power of Gospel is in the lyrics. This is just a clever ploy of the enemy of man’s soul to make him (man) not see God but rather himself. Someone mentioned G. Craige and EX-ministries a moment ago. A great resource to really find out what you don’t know about the industry.

  26. She’s older than these “trap” style artists. Call me crazy, but it’s something ultra corny about older artists who take a break from their original sound to appeal to the younger demographic. Granted, she’s not being sacrilegious, as much as she’s trying to appeal to the millenniums who may love God, but their still popping their booties at the clubs to real trap artist who NEVER MAKE SENSE in their lyrics (am I the only one who can’t understand a lick of Cheif Keef’s lyrics lol?) The point I’m trying to make in a nutshell is: BE YOUR OWN SOUND. If it’s not broken it doesn’t need fixing💯😉💁🏿


    I’m not even a super religious person (I believe in God but I’m not the church) but this was the first time I ever heard this and…….. My hand just automatically flew to my mouth and I didn’t know what to say! I wish I could unhear it! It’s.just.THAT.hideous! And to this?

    “I mean look at the title alone – “I Luh God.” Playa you can’t take an extra millisecond to properly pronounce LOVE? ”


  28. Lol she’s trying to fit in with society. Lol like having common ground with youngerfolks..shes trying to get a message across thats all.. everyone has an opinion

  29. That is so wrong God doesn’t approved of that kind of music all y’all sold your soulto the devil is so sad you couldn’t do it the right way so y’all had to do it the other many people are so damn stupid really thinking they singing to the man up stairs but they singing to Satan people used the brain god have gave each of ya I know is hard but I believe you can do it

  30. I have one problem with the song the first time I listened to it I was so shocked if you listen keenly it sounds like ….

    “I LUH GOD

    Here’s my point since when did “DON’T” become a SILENT Word!

  31. I’m a bit conflicted. For one, it makes no sense for people to criticize her on the style of music. Gospel itself was birthed from blues and jazz. No style of instrumentation is in itself ungodly until you add lyrics. The same people talking about Andre Crouch as the standard reveal their ignorance. For when Mr. Crouch first started making contemporary gospel, he received much of the exact same criticism. People were freaking out about gospel making use of electric guitars because somehow an organ is considered a holier instrument (no biblical support for that anywhere in scripture). I’m pretty sure Psalms says to praise God with every instrument out there.

    But let’s get to the lyrics. I admit I’m not a fan of seemingly dumbing something down to such a basic level. However, I cannot judge this song based on that alone. I’d rather judge it based on the results. Did it bring people into the kingdom or not? A common criticism of Jesus by religious folks of his time was they believed he too was too “worldly” because he spent time hanging out with tax collectors and prostitutes. They believe God needed to be heard in the synagogue, not in the homes of “sinners.” So as much as I may not be a fan of the song, I can’t knock it if even one soul happened to be led to Christ as a result. it’s not as if the song in itself is somehow sinful. it just happens not to be everyone’s preference. And quite frankly, preference is what actually ruins people of faith. it has destroyed churches and denominations. It’s what makes Christians fight with each other over petty details God doesn’t even care about. Let’s rejoice with the angels over the lost sheep that return, rather than the path they may have taken.

  32. Let’s call it what it is… Steppin Fetchit-style coonery.

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