Album Reviews

the pinkprint crop
December 15, 2014 0

Album Review: Nicki Minaj, The Pinkprint

Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint (released Dec. 15, 2014) Let’s be honest — what I write in this review [...]

What Ever Happened To…

playtime is over crop
November 13, 2014 0

What Ever Happened to: Immature

Every generation has its heartthrobs. The poor kids these days are stuck with some guy named Alex from [...]

Love Letters

killswitch_engage crop
November 20, 2014 2

Love Letters: Why Are People Critical of Long Engagements?

MAAAAN it’s cold outside. And I know the search for body heat makes y’all do crazy things. Before [...]


soul train awards logo 2014 crop
December 1, 2014 2

20 Questions: 2014 Soul Train Awards Review

So I decided to make the poor life choice of watching the annual Soul Train Awards Sunday night instead of [...]

The Best Of

a better tomorrow crop
December 15, 2014 0

The 10 Best Rap Albums of 2014

As of early November, I seriously considered not counting down the year’s best rap albums — [...]

Artists to Watch

let me fly crop
November 25, 2014 0

Listen Up: Lorine Chia, “Let Me Fly”

Lorine Chia ain’t the type for boundaries. The 21-year-old  Cameroonian-born, Los Angeles-based [...]

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