The Most Disappointing Albums of 2018

Well, we’ve spent the past week celebrating the best 2018 has to offer.

Now, let’s shade the underachievers.

With one exception, the following isn’t necessarily a list of the worst albums of 2018. It’s no point in criticizing people who ALWAYS deliver terrible albums, so don’t expect any Migos or Nicki Minaj hate here. Instead, it’s a list of artists who have proven that they can deliver good music when motivated – but clearly motivation was nowhere to be found on these clunkers.

Do better in 2019.

aUsher, A

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Ten years ago this guy was the undisputed King of R&B. By 2018, Usher’s the creepy uncle hitting on your girl at Thanksgiving. Somehow sinking lower than his maligned Hard 2 Love albumA is a shoddy, paint-by-numbers trap mixtape/EP/whatever that feels like it was recorded after a drunken night at the club. Because it probably was. Usher is way too talented for such a lazy release.


testingA$AP Rocky, Testing

This one isn’t so much bad as it is shockingly disappointing. I’ll admit I haven’t bought into much of the A$AP hype, but I’d readily confirm that Rocky is by far the best of his crew and more than capable of giving us solid songs. That doesn’t happen on this dull release, which only runs 52 minutes but feels twice as long. When Twitter doesn’t even feel bothered to gas you up you know you’re running on empty.


yeKanye West, ye

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You knew Mr. West, winner loser of the 2018 Playa Please Award, would wind up here. His GOOD Music summer series gave us at least one big winner (all hail King Push) but wound up as mostly unfulfilled promises. The biggest offender was Kanye’s own album, which allegedly was gutted after the fiery backlash from his MAGA madness forced him to change direction. What we got felt like the skeleton of a full project – unfocused, unfinished and unwanted.


scorpionDrake, Scorpion

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Seriously, how long are y’all gonna make excuses for this guy? Sure, Scorpion has a couple great songs (“Nice For What” is among my favorite Drake tracks ever). But I’m sorry, stans, two or three good songs over a 25-track double album does NOT make a good release. Get three questions right on a 25-question quiz and see what grade your teacher gives you. Scorpion is Drake’s most bloated and lazy release yet – which is amazing coming from a guy who spent the past four years dumping bloated, lazy “playlists” on us. It’s his worst release to date but I’m sure it’ll get three or four Grammys anyway. Y’all sure love handing out participation trophies.


menage a troisThe-Dream, Menage a Trois: Sextape Vols. 1, 2 and 3

And speaking of bloated releases, The-Dream decided to wrap up 2018 by dropping not one, not two, but THREE albums on us at once, a project that totaled nearly THREE HOURS in length. I’ve barely been able to make it through one Dream album in one piece over the years; three is the epitome of audio overkill. Don’t get me wrong, each of the three volumes feature at least a couple decent songs – why he didn’t just pick out the best of each and release those as a single project baffles me. This is like digging through the worst cereal ever (Honey Smacks, obviously) just to find one or two prizes at the bottom. Pass.


carter vLil Wayne, Tha Carter V

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Arguably the most anticipated album of 2018 is also one of the year’s most forgettable. Carter V finally arrived after a half-decade of controversy and, like most of the biggest offenders on this list, collapsed under its own weight. It felt like Wayne had to unload every song he’s recorded in the past decade on this, making the overall project feel way too unfocused and obese. Things start to gel on the second half of the album but it’s not enough to undo the damage. Maybe Birdman was right to keep this one locked away.


my dear melancholyThe Weeknd, My Dear Melancholy

An EP so unremarkable I literally forgot it was released until I revisited my notes before publishing this post! Proof it pays to write everything down, playas. My Dear Melancholy was touted as a return to the pre-pop form Day One fans enjoyed before Weeknd became a megastar. I don’t know about that one, chief. Weeknd’s music has always been mellow and understated but rarely drags. This one, however, is as dull as dishwater, making the brief 20-minute runtime feel unbearable. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this one.


4 am mulhollandAmerie, 4AM MULHOLLAND and AFTER 4AM

They say it’s the ones you love who hurt you the most, and of all the terrible releases on this list, it’s Amerie who cut me the deepest. Mere weeks after I wrote a piece celebrating her career – I still say she should have Rihanna’s spot, fight me – she released two new albums, her first in nearly a decade. But instead of a return to the sound she innovated or blazing new ground, she resorted to what EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET IS DOING: Lazy, mumbling, dreary autotune crooning. Amerie’s always been a leader, it depresses me to watch her become a follower.


out of controlChrisette Michele, Out of Control

I feel kinda bad targeting Chrisette, who in 2013 gave us a near  five-star album but recently has had the worst couple of years in her professional career. She’s been raked over the coals for performing at Trump’s inauguration, suffered from suicidal thoughts and depression, and allegedly had a miscarriage but … posted another woman’s miscarriage photos to describe the event? It’s weird. And then she capped it off with Out of Control, a scattershot release that lived up to its name. Poorly written, poorly sung and poorly produced – even the album art looks like a 1999 screen saver. It’s the worst album of 2018 by far. Chrisette deserves better than this.

What were your least favorite albums of 2018? Share ’em below.



  1. Aw, I LOVE Amerie’s album(s). I can see why some of her long time fans would have an issue with it, but I loved it. Yes, it was very Tinashe/Jhene Aiko-esque which may not be everyone’s thing, but everyone would’ve clowned her had she come back with the same ole sound. I’ve loved her since the 8th grade, but I didn’t have a problem with her new sound. I’m sure her next project, should she release one, will sound completely different from this too.

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