Love Letters: My Ex Blocked Me on Social Media, Now I’m Battling His Female BFF. Help!

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Here’s today’s question:

So I have this clown dude that I’ve been going back and forth with for about two years. He and I had a blow up in July. He blocked me on social media and I blocked him on his other various pages.

Before we parted ways I asked him a simple question about his so-called female bff that hates me. At the end of August I get an inbox from her asking why her name was always in my mouth. Of course lame boy went back and told her some foolishness. I laid her out and of course I was blocked on her social media. My cousin told me that that was lame boy’s way of trying to get my attention and he used that dumb dumb to get it. I hadn’t seen it as such, I just thought it was him being a child like he is.

What is your take on this foolishness?

Fed Up With Foolishness

Playa I just read all of that and I’m…


Yo, I can’t even keep up with the new shows that drop on Netflix every week. How can a fully-functioning adult find the time, energy and Dragon Ball Z power levels to put up with THIS level of petty?

If I didn’t know better I’d swear Fed Up’s “friends” were the same ages as Bebe’s Kids.

And since we’re on the topic of emotionally stunted brats, let’s break this down.

Keep me near the cross, Jesus.

First, since it was hinted at in the email, I’ll just state this now: I’m not gonna go back and forth about whether this guy has something going on with Female BFF. I’ve stated several billion times before in this space that platonic friendships are a real thing and I can’t speculate on what may or may not be going on between these two.

There are way bigger issues going on here anyway – specifically, that all the “adults” in this conversation have the emotional stability of Joffrey from Game of Thrones.

Your cousin is right about using this spat between you and his friend to stir the pot. Now, that’s his friend, certainly he has every right to go to her and talk about his failed relationship. But it’s clear he sicced her on you for revenge.

Remember in first grade when guys would bully the girls they liked on the playground? This is the adult version of that.

And I’m using the term “adult” looser than a rapper’s jeans.


But here’s where I direct some ether in your direction, Fed Up.

Obviously, you were willing to spar with this Dollar General Bonnie & Clyde, hence all this ridiculous back and forth.

So I leave you with these three words: LEAVE. IT. ALONE.

Clearly these two alleged adults don’t have anything better to do than be messy. You’ve already engaged them enough. I don’t care what they say, what they do, how many times they block or unblock you, pay them NO attention. Because if you do, you’ll continue to be dragged down into their endless spiral of petty.

You ain’t got time for that. And I ain’t got time to answer all the follow-up emails I’d receive about the situation.

And if you won’t listen to me, listen to Ariana Grande.

She be knowin’.

One more question:

So how do you handle a former male associate that is going to all lengths to get your attention but you’re not giving him the time of day? He’s even using other people to try and get my attention.


Again, when do people find the time for all this plotting and scheming? I’m trying to find time to get on this Daredevil season 3 while these guys are sending their goons after women to get their attention.

Hmmm, maybe THAT’S how they have time to watch Netflix. These guys send in their Putty Patrol to do all the grunt work and they sit back and reap the benefits.

Too bad it’s clearly not working on KJ.

In fact, this reminds me of one of the smoothest moves I saw a girl pull in high school. This guy sent one of his boys to get said girl’s number. When the dude said “hey, can my man get your number,” she replied “if he comes over to ask me himself, I’ll think about it.”


Needless to say, his ego was too bruised to follow up. Feel free to use that line on this guy’s minions, KJ.

If you’ve already told this guy NO, there’s nothing more you can do. Of course if it gets to the point of straight up harassment or you feel threatened, you need to take legal measures. But if this brother continues to shoot his shot (and brick every time), the best solution is to creatively tell him to get lost, like ol’ girl did in 10th grade.

Sometimes it takes a minute but we eventually get the hint.


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