It’s November! Writers, Take the #BlogLikeCrazy Challenge

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November is here and if you’re a longtime fan of Soul In Stereo, you know what time it is!

No, not turkey.

Not football.

Not raking up leaves in the yard.

Not everybody and their momma dropping albums to capitalize on your Christmas coins.

Well, I guess all that WILL happen. But around these parts, it means it’s time to #BlogLikeCrazy.

For seven years running, my lovely wife Javacia Harris Bowser – the visionary behind Soul In Stereo’s predecessor – has issued a challenged to her community of writers and bloggers. Every single day during the month of Novembers, bloggers are encouraged to publish at least one blog post.

And it’s paid off: #BlogLikeCrazy has become one of the signature events of the award-winning See Jane Write, a massive community of women writers. If you’re a woman and a writer, you need to get involved with those ladies – go check them out right here.

#BlogLikeCrazy certainly isn’t limited to See Jane Write members, if you’re a writer, get in on this action. Blogging every single day seems like a daunting challenge but check out these benefits – it’s a great way to hone your writing skills; the more content you create the better for your pageviews; planning out a month of posts teaches you time management; and best of all, using the #BlogLikeCrazy hashtag when you share your posts will put you into a community of writers who will read and share your work. It pays off.

So check back here EVERY SINGLE DAY this month for more of the stuff you love – album reviews, flashbacks, rankings, love letters, commentaries and more. See how long it takes me to piss off your favorite underachieving music “star.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got 29 more posts to write. See y’all around.


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