10 Best Rap Break-Up Songs

Nothing seems to rile up you Love Haters more than Valentine’s Day. Some of hip-hop’s elite certainly can relate.

If you’re in the mood to dropkick Cupid today, here’s some fight music. Check out a few of the best breakup tracks ever laid on wax.

1. Jay-Z, Song Cry

Jay gets rich and famous, cheats on his longtime girlfriend, then throws a tantrum when she dumps him. Oh, OK.

2. Method Man featuring D’Angleo, Break Ups 2 Make Ups

You never miss a good thing till it’s gone. Meth’s insane ex ran him away from the relationship, then gets all stalkerish and tries to fight his current girl. “Go find another sucka, yo.” You heard the man.

3. Wale, The Break Up Song

By far the best thing Wale ever did was break up with his former beau – it laid the groundwork for his best track to date. “Life is a movie, we both say cut/but most of the time, darling, the sequel sucks.”

4. Pac Div, Women Problems

Who says guys don’t have relationship troubles? From childhood heartbreak to dorm-room drama, Pac Div breaks down years of soul-crushing disappointment. That little girl Shania should be ashamed for stealing that Ninja Turtle watch.

5. MC Lyte, Poor Georgie

By the end of the first verse, you could tell MC Lyte’s budding relationship wasn’t gonna work out too well. Easily the most depressing song on this list. Well, that is until…

6. The Lost Boyz, Renee

Mr. Cheeks finally meets his perfect woman. “She told me what she’s in school for/she wants to be a lawyer, in other words, shorty studies law.” Um, thanks for clarifying that, Cheeks. But things don’t end well. It’s certainly not a traditional breakup and that’s what makes it heartbreaking.

7. Ghostface Killah featuring Raekwon and Carl Thomas, Never Be The Same Again

Tony Starks catches his woman cheating and spends most the song trying to figure out if the guy was better in bed than he was. Why so self-conscious, Tone? Raekwon was so upset that he drops a verse so uncharacteristically horrible that it’s hilarious. “Catch me on TV, I’m coming back nev-er-uh!”

8. Kanye West featuring John Legend, Blame Game

Y’all know Kanye will never own up for any wrongdoings and by the sound of it, neither will his girl. Accusations get tossed around like used eyelashes at the Kardashians’ house. Who taught you to complain that much? Yeezy taught me…

9. Fabolous featuring Joe Budden and Teyana Taylor, Want You Back

There’s no love in hip hop. I guess this track chronologically occurs after the respective breakups, but it still spells out all that went wrong. You can almost taste the venom here. Fab and his girl can’t get on the same page, while Joey and his girl seem to be reading two entirely different books. And now they’re basically laughing at their ex girls as they struggle in their new, but failing relationships. It’s a cool twist on Usher’s old “Throwback” track.

10. Eminem, 25 to Life

Yeah it’s nothing new to hear Em complain about his relationship woes, but instead of the usual bluster and insanity, “25 to Life” is filled with frustration and disappointment. Em’s giving up because the love of his life seems to have moved on without him. *SPOILER* He’s not talking about a woman. Listen to find out who truly broke his heart.

What did we miss? What are you favorite rap breakup tracks?



  1. Honorable mention: Ex-Girl to Next Girl, Gangstarr

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