The Most Romantic Albums for Your Valentine’s Playlist

Usually, you guys turn to me for love advice, but with Valentine’s Day just hours away I figured I’d switch things up and help set the mood for a romantic evening. I dug through the crates at Bowser’s Castle and found 10 diverse albums that are perfect for any Valentine’s atmosphere. So if you’re into the sweet, the sexy or the downright scandalous, throw these on your playlists.

You can thank me later. But feel free to name the child you conceive after me.

best of sade

For the mood-setters: Sade, The Best of Sade

It was impossible to pick one Sade album for this category, so I went with the greatest hits collection, giving you a decade of tracks to set the mood.

Skip to: “The Sweetest Taboo”


For the sweethearts: Boyz II Men, II

Yeah, some of their lyrics may be considered syrupy and corny in 2015, but Boyz II Men brought that tender kind of romance that crosses generations and cultures. Everyone can dig it.

Skip to: “I’ll Make Love to You”


For the baby makers: Maxwell, Embrya

Oh lord, three tracks into this one and you’re one plane ticket away from getting paternity tests on the Maury show.

Skip to: “Luxury: Cococure”

kind of blue

For the night cap: Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

So your obscenely expensive date is over and you want to get cozy indoors? Miles and his horn is all you need.

Skip to: “So What”

velvet rope

For the adventurous: Janet Jackson, The Velvet Rope

If you’re in the mood to try something new, let Miss “Nasty” Jackson set the stage. Just don’t break nuthin’.

Skip to: “My Need”

come away with me

For those intimate convos: Norah Jones, Come Away With Me

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a night of good conversation. Let Norah set the tone and watch the sparks fly.

Skip to: “Don’t Know Why”


For the young and restless: 112, 112

Ah, young, innocent love. 112’s debut album had the kind of tracks you could play to your high school sweetheart through your phone. I’m guessing the kids don’t do that anymore. Now they just ask for nudes on Snapchat. Ugh, technology sucks.

Skip to: “Cupid”

12 play

For the freaks: R. Kelly, 12 Play

When 12 Play hits your speakers, there’s no ambiguity — you know what time it is. Somebody pass the Hpnotiq and prepare for debauchery.

Skip to: “Bump & Grind”

let's get it on

For the grown folks: Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It On

There’s a reason why your grandma n’ dem STILL talk about Marvin. His music is timeless — and pretty direct too.

Skip to: “Let’s Get It On”

house of balloons

For the weirdos: The Weeknd, House of Balloons

Playa, I ain’t into those whips and chains in the bedroom. We’ve been liberated from the plantation already, I ain’t going back. But if you’re into that 50 Shades of Grey stuff, here you go. Good luck with that.

Skip to: “What You Need”

What’s on your playlist? Share your tracks in the comments below. And for all you Love Haters out there, check out Soul In Stereo’s 10 Best Rap Break-Up Songs.



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