Love Letters: Was Fabolous wrong to ‘celebrate’ Claudette Ortiz on Instagram?

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Here’s today’s question:

Fabulous recently made headlines when he posted a pic of Claudette Ortiz in a bikini 20 years ago and a recent picture saying it’s vintage now with the fire emojis. He came under fire because it was stated that he had no business as a married man ( reportedly he married Emily Bustamante after a decade of dating in 2018 ) posting nor showing Claudette or any other woman other then his wife any love. What’s your take on this situation?  Should a married man not be able to compliment any other woman than his wife?


Well, before we get started, let me clarify that it’s not confirmed that F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S and Ms. Bustamante are married. They’re in a relationship and have a bunch of kids together but it hasn’t been made public that they’re husband and wife.

Far be it from me to put false info on the Innanets. That’s all those other sites y’all hype.

And now to the question: I feel like I’m uniquely qualified to talk about married brothers thirsting over Claudette Ortiz – I’ve been doing it for like a decade on this site!

But before you cyber snitches run to my wife’s DMs, let me share story that happened just last week: My wife was drooling over some celebrity dude on IG (no, I don’t remember exactly who but he was lame anyway) and I was like

Oh it’s like that?

She replied “you can be married and appreciate the beauty of another human.”

And that, boys and girls, is what you call an “out.” I’m now off the hook the next time Claudette graces my screen.

But jokes aside, although Fab defended his stalkerish IG collage as an “appreciation post” I think that goes way too far for someone in a relationship.

We’re humans – it’s one thing for your eyes to linger on an attractive person (or even me making dumb jokes in a City High post on this site) but it’s another thing entirely to dedicate a digital shrine to some random woman when you’re already in a very public relationship. It’s all kinda of problematic to put another woman on a public pedestal for the sake of “giving her her flowers” when you don’t give your OWN partner IG bouquets.

And we haven’t even considered Claudette’s side of things. What if she’s in a relationship and her new man has to sit silently as some random rapper publicly drools over her? That’s when the “tributes” become awkward at best and offensive at worse.

And lord help if some other artist was making tribute posts of Fab’s girl Emily. He’s be writing awkwardly worded diss tracks in 10 minutes flat.

So no, there’s nothing wrong with finding another human being attractive. But when you celebrate strangers over your own partners, that’s F-O-U-L-N-E-S-S.

Next question:

Should I be concerned that my boyfriend told me he reached out to his ex-gf because he wanted to make sure she wasn’t still mad at him for cheating on her? He said he wanted to touch base because he broke her heart and didn’t want any hard feelings.


Honestly, I’m not concerned that he reached out to her. I’m concerned he didn’t tell you FIRST.

It’s eerily similar to the Fabolous situation – in your dude’s efforts to do right by his ex, which are commendable, it seems like he put someone else over you. Now I’m sure a bunch of readers are gonna scream conspiracy and wonder why he even bothered reaching back out to her in the first place.


Eh, maybe, or maybe he has grown, maybe he realized that he did screw up and maybe he thinks it’s important that he set things straight. That’s all commendable.

But he should have cleared that with YOU first. No matter what his motives are, you are his current and top priority. That should have been taken into account.

No, I don’t think he’s doing anything shady. If so, why would he even tell you that he was having convos with her in the first place? He could have continued to creep in silence. So even if his intentions are pure, his priorities need realignment.


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