Flashback Friday: Maxwell and Raheem DeVaughn

It’s Valentine’s Day – which means half of you are writing angry posts about why the day is a pointless commercial cash-in for DA MAN while the other half are dropping mushy posts shouting out your boos.

Love is complicated.

But you can’t talk about love without talking R&B. Here’s a couple of albums to get the mood right.

Maxwell, Embrya (1998)

When it comes to this romance thing, you gotta go with what your partner likes. And since my lady is a massive Maxwell fan, his sophomore set is my go-to. I didn’t really appreciate it back in 1998 but in many ways its mellow “vibes” were ahead of its time. It’s definitely a mood-setter.

Also check out:

“Luxury: Cococure”

“Submerge: Til We Become the Sun”

Raheem DeVaughn, Love Sex Passion (2015)

If Maxwell is a little too romantic for you, the Love King can take you STRAIGHT to that action. It’s not all wild sexcapades though – Love Sex Passion is a great mix of the passionate R&B that’s becoming quite a rarity in the genre. You’re not striking out with this in the background.

Also check out:

“Temperature’s Rising”

“All I Know (My Heart)”

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