Love Letters: Why Unbothered Omarion Is The Best Omarion


We’ve got a hot n’ timely one for y’all today. I won’t waste any time, let’s get into it.

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Here’s today’s question:

So you know we want your take on the whole Apryl Jones, Lil Fizz and Omarion situation. Do you think it’s cool or trifling?


Well, I figured someone would ask about this fiasco soon enough.

For those of you with actual lives who had the good pleasure to miss the latest episode of The Bold and the B2K soap opera, allow me to fill you in.

Apparently O and Ms. Jones, who have children together, appeared frequently on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, where their drama has been on full display. I don’t watch that drivel, I only watch television that stimulates my thought and speaks to the social conscience of our society. Like Maury and Cheaters.

Anyway, after the couple split in 2016, Apryl gone on record to say that Omarion is .. wait for it … MEAN.

cartoon panel

My sources also tell me that she thinks O is a “big ol doodey head” but I cannot at this time confirm nor deny such strong language.

In fact, O is such a meanie and so cheap on his child support that she had NO OTHER CHOICE but to jump into bed with B2K bandmate Lil Fizz. Fizz, proving he has as little common sense as he does talent, went on to post this stupidity on Instagram to taunt O:

Lil Fizz Instagram

And y’all wondered why that planned follow-up B2K reunion tour has already gone up in flames.

Anyway, social media tore Fizz to shreds after that IG stunt, and this is one of the few times I approved of a public dragging.

And speaking of social media, all the wannabe online relationship experts (as opposed to the certified and legit online relationships experts like moi) have spent weeks dissecting this sideshow, with the most prevalent question being WHY HASN’T OMARION SAID ANYTHING?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: While Fizz and Apryl have been squawking at every turn like the freaking crows from Dumbo (shout out to Disney+), Omarion has stayed relatively quiet, baffling thousands of social media lurkers who are thirsty for drama.

Wait, someone is acting like an adult and not lowering himself to fourth-grade lunchroom drama?


I’ve read many comments from folks who are flabbergasted that Omarion isn’t more upset that he was BETRAYED BY HIS BEST FRIEND. Y’all really want this to be Kelly Price 1998.

First, why are we assuming that O and Fizz were best friends? They were coworkers.

We went through the same situation earlier this year when John Legend made a comment about not being all that close to former mentor Kanye West. People on Twitter (who have NEVER MET EITHER OF THESE PEOPLE IN THEIR LIVES, mind you) went insane with the notion that two guys who sang on each others songs a couple of times in the 2000s aren’t BFFs for life. Y’all must think Lil Mo and Ja Rule babysit each other’s kids too. Sorry, that’s not how the real world works, playas. People grow, people change and the perception of music videos is not always reality.

I’m sure O and Fizz had a relationship. Doesn’t mean they were blood brothers forever bonded by the constellations and the cosmos. And sure, Fizz is under no obligation NOT to date his former bandmate’s ex, but it’s still not preferred. As I’ve mentioned here before, I never pursued one of my friends’ or coworkers’ ex’s because, even if all parties claim things are cool, it’s not uncommon for unresolved feelings to bubble up to the surface. It’s just inviting trouble.

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet, pretty sure you can find at least one person outside of your circle of friends.

Secondly, there’s the contingent who can’t understand why Omarion isn’t more upset by all this. I mean, who says that he isn’t? I know social media has taught us to put every living, breathing emotion we have online but most normal people know better. That’s why I’m so proud of Omarion, who publicly has been totally unbothered by all of this, simply saying that he hopes the crappy couple is happy. Don’t let them see you sweat, O.

There’s a reason why I rarely block trolls on social media – they take any response as a source of pride, like they’ve “won” by getting a reaction. Instead, I ignore ’em, let them see me living my best life and watch them pout because they didn’t get attention.

That’s the biggest takeaway: Everyone is not worthy of a reaction, y’all. In the era of social media clapbacks and unhinged reactions I’m glad Omarion is teaching y’all the beauty of being unbothered.

And for those of you who are critical of O for not throwing public tantrums, just keep it 100 – you WANT him to be mad just so you can be amused by the fireworks.

Anyone who wants to turn someone’s pain into their entertainment is just as garbage as Fizz and Apryl.


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