Flashback Friday: Fabolous and Nivea

Who is in the mood for some mid-00s love? Let’s travel back to the era of trucker hats and Crunk Juice.

street dreams

Fabolous, Street Dreams (2003)

In 2003, Fab arguably was one of the hottest rappers in mainstream hip-hop. He had a knack for crafting memorable radio hits as well as unleashing lyrical barrages for his street anthems. Street Dreams wasn’t Fab’s best album but it’s a high point for his commercial success.

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“This Is My Party”

“Into You,” featuring Tamia


Nivea, Complicated (2005)

Nivea’s sophomore album is an interesting case. While critics lauded it as the best work of her career at that point, it never garnered the mainstream appeal of her more fondly remembered debut. Her “crunk&B” single, “Okay,” allegedly was downplayed so it wouldn’t conflict with rising star Ciara’s work, and copies of the album were later recalled due to design flaws. Complicated lived up to its name but it’s still a strong follow-up to Nivea’s debut.

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“Parking Lot”

“I Can’t Mess With You,” featuring The-Dream

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