Flashback Friday: Teddy Pendergrass and Chris Brown

The week is finally wrapping up and if you’re like me, you deserve the coming break.

Let’s wind things down with some R&B, shall we?


Teddy Pendergrass, Teddy (1979)

JUST LOOK AT THAT. Now that, my friends, is how create an album cover. Teddy P is one of the most iconic names in the history of R&B and his 1979 album might be his best known work. This collection of bedroom ballads will never go out of style.

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“Come Go With Me”

“Set Me Free”


Chris Brown, Exclusive (2007)

The Breezy fans in the house give me a hard time for being so critical of my infamous R&B cousin. Listen, there’s no question that he’s been the face of the genre for more than a decade. It’s just that most of the albums in that decade have been … less than stellar – excluding this one. Exclusive is among Brown’s best work, showcasing needed growth from his debut while pushing his sound (and R&B as a whole) forward. Can’t hate on that.

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“Hold Up,” featuring Big Boi

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