Love Letters: Was Gabrielle Union Wrong To Post A Swimsuit Pic on IG?

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Here’s today’s question:

Recently Gabrielle Union posted a racy pic of herself in a bikini on IG. A friend of her husband Dwyane Wade posted about how hot she looked. D. Wade in turn checked dude by saying how as a friend making a comment about his wife was unacceptable. In your opinion was D. Wade correct in the check? Should Gabby Union as a married woman even posted such a racy pic?


Whew, lots to break down in this one. First, let’s see the photo evidence:

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A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on

Reminder: Gabrielle Union is 45 years old. Those nubian genes ain’t nuthin’ to play with.

Well, after posting this pic, D Wade’s boy Jimmy Butler ran into Gabrielle’s comments and basically said


To which Wade replied:

“Put ‘well damn!’ in caps on my wife photo again and you’re gonna see what the good, the bad and the ugly is like.”


Butler laughed it off, saying  “Well that escalated quickly. Point noted.. I’m still coming to the bbq tho,” with three of those “crying laughing” emojis.

You know, the universal symbol for I’M JOKING PLEASE DON’T SUPLEX ME ON CEMENT.

This all comes down to three questions:

Was Butler wrong for lusting over his man’s wife?

Was Wade wrong for snapping on his dude?

And was Union wrong for posting the pic in the first place?

First, Butler was absolutely out of line for drooling all over his man’s girl. It’s disrespectful to their friendship, plain and simple. Are you really going to invite your boy over to the cookout when you know he’s been staring at your wife’s nipples on IG all day?

Not in my house, playa.

Of course I’m sure some of you naysayers will say “well what did Union expect for posting that photo in the first place?” like men are born lacking common sense and self-control genes, but I’ll save that ether for you in just a second.

Second, I have no problem with Wade telling his man to chill publicly. He made this a public issue, so he should get his comeuppance publicly as well. And clearly from Butler’s “heh heh, I was just playin’ wit you pimpin!” response, he knew he was wrong.

And finally, was this all of this Gabrielle’s fault for taking that photo in the first place?

Playa please. Y’all really blame women for a lot.

It’s weird how we change the rules for men and women. I took a quick spin through D Wade’s IG and I saw several shirtless sweaty thirst trap pics of him at the gym. But I didn’t see a single PUT A SHIRT ON YOU’RE A MARRIED MAN comment on any.

Listen, Gabrielle Union is married. But she’s also a grown woman. Obviously D Wade is cool with these pics of his wife – he even has bikini pics of her on his OWN account – so why should we care if it’s not an issue for them?

Random faceless Twitter commenter with an egg avi: I bet you wouldn’t want YOUR wife to post a photo like that tho.

Well, first of all:


But I’ll be happy to answer. My wife is one of the baddest women in Birmingham but she’s also an educator and a community figure. She’s not going to post any photos of herself underdressed, drinking, etc. She’s not an actress or a model. The rules are different.

Besides, as I alluded to earlier, my wife isn’t some 14-year-old fishing for likes on Instagram. She’s a grown woman, and I refuse to dictate what she can and cannot do.

I trust her to make the best decisions for herself, her career and our marriage. So nah, you won’t see any nip slips of my wife but that’s HER choice, not because I commanded her not to do it.

I’m her partner, not her daddy. I’m sure Gabrielle and D. Wade feel me on that.


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