Flashback Friday: Ashanti and 50 Cent

I’m feeling quite magnanimous today playas, so let’s look back at two albums I regard as being pretty awful, yet people still have fond memories of. For some reason.

chapter 2

Ashanti, Chapter II (2003)

Yuck. I’ll admit that I thought Ashanti’s debut was mildy enjoyable (if slightly disappointing) I couldn’t tolerate most of her sophomore album. The lead single was fun but this one is definitely for hard core Shanti Stans only.

Also check out:

“Rain on Me”

“Breakup 2 Makeup”

the massacre

50 Cent, The Massacre (2005)

If you ask me, this is when 50’s armor proved to not be as bulletproof as we thought. His follow up to the MASSIVE success of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ certainly was a commercial success, going platinum in a week. But critically? This wasn’t very good. At all. Nostalgic G-Unit fans look at this one through rose-colored lenses, but good luck with that.

Also check out:

“A Baltimore Love Thing”

“Ski Mask Way”

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