Ultimate Christmas Playlist Day 21: Keith Sweat, ‘Be Your Santa Claus’

a christmas of love

What’s Christmas without classic music? This year we’re celebrating the holidays by letting our readers curate the Ultimate Christmas Playlist. Each day we’ll add one new song to our Spotify playlist on our way to Christmas Day. And I know you wanna add your favorite song, right?

Leave your selections on the comments of this post, at our Soul In Stereo Cypher Facebook page, hit me up on Twitter @etbowser, or email us at soulinstereoblog@gmail.com. Simply name your song and give us a sentence or so telling us why you love it. 

Look, I know y’all won’t believe me and will accuse me of rigging the list but my heart is pure. This next selection is from Romello Shuttlesworth with no coaching from me! Honest!

“Keith Sweat, ‘Be Your Santa Claus’ because it’s a mood setter.”

The man has good taste. Listen below.


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