Like Talking Music? Join the Soul In Stereo Cypher on Facebook

soul in stereo cypher

Wanna know my favorite part about social media?

Other than trolling deluded music stans, that is.

At its best, social media is all about community. I mean, that’s the whole reason I developed I get so much joy when a new reader hits me up to say “I’m so glad I found your site so I can talk about the things I love.”

Well, a few months ago, we took those conversations to the next level with the Soul In Stereo Cypher Facebook group.

But Edd I love you but most Facebook groups suck!!!

Oh, I feel you, playa. But this group doesn’t.

Unlike most Facebook groups, which tend to be dominated by one or two users constantly spamming the feed with silly links, the Soul In Stereo Cypher is crammed with smart, funny music fans who know their stuff and keep us entertained.

Most days I don’t have to say a word. Cypher users start up interesting debates on their own and it doesn’t take long until everyone is engaged.

That’s the fun part about a great community. It’s not my group. It’s our group.

There’s no NSFW photos popping up on your feed that will get you in trouble at work, no petty fights, no weirdos trying to pawn off their bad music or creepers trying to slide in DMs – just great folks who want to talk about music, politics, movies, relationships and everything else that keeps you coming back to

So join the Cypher and come make some new friends.


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