Flashback Friday: Method Man and Tevin Campbell

Happy Friday, y’all! Time to push through this work day with some old hits. Remember these?

tical 2000

Method Man, Tical 2000: Judgement Day (1998)

Remember when Meth dropped an album about the end of the world – an album that also featured a Donald Trump on a skit?


Anyway, I admittedly was not a fan of Meth’s long-awaited follow up to Tical, but it’s grown on me considerably over time. Sure, the album is longer than one of Trump’s ties but there’s some good stuff to be found.

Also check out:

“Judgement Day”

“Big Dogs,” featuring Redman

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im ready

Tevin Campbell, I’m Ready (1993)

We talked about this on a recent edition of the YouKnowIGotSoulxSoulInStereo podcast but it bears repeating: Tevin’s music defined a generation and he was on track to be the early 90s version of Usher, Chris Brown or even Michael Jackson. Um, minus the dance moves, of course. His music was THAT good and his influence was THAT strong. Of course, we all know his flame fizzled much too soon. That won’t stop us from revisiting his best album.

Also check out:

“I’m Ready”

“Always In My Heart”

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