Flashback Friday: Eminem and Ludacris

It’s another Friday so y’all know what time it is – time to turn back those clocks.

Nah, I’m not talking about Daylight Savings, I’m talking revisiting the hits.


Eminem, Recovery (2010)

Eminem’s blistering takedown of Donald Trump on the BET Hip-Hop Awards pulled the rap vet from obscurity and threw him in a place he knows all too well – controversy. As you’d imagine, reactions to his freestyle were all over the place, from “brilliant” to “underwhelming” to “self-serving” and everything between. Read what I thought about it here and while you’re at it, revisit Em’s great comeback album. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his greatness.

Also check out:


“Cinderella Man,” featuring Kobe

theater of the mind

Ludacris, Theater of the Mind (2008)

I’m sure I’m in the minority on this but for my money, this might be Ludacris’ best album. While Luda was known as rap’s premier party rapper for most of the ’00s, this was the album where he aimed to prove that he’s an elite lyricist as well. It’s certainly not Luda’s most well-known work but it’s hard to beat.

Also check out:

“I Do It For Hip-Hop,” featuring Jay Z and Nas

“Last of a Dying Breed,” featuring Lil Wayne

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