Flashback Friday: Eric Benet and Marsha Ambrosius

Leave it to the homie Tanukid to come through with the heat. After Nicolette Carney’s great review of Eric Benet and Marsha Ambrosius’ ME tour, Tanukid suggested a Flashback Friday in their honor.

I’m down.

true to myself

Eric Benet, True to Myself (1996)

I’ll admit that I was introduced to this album pretty late – 1996 was STACKED with great R&B releases and Eric’s debut just slipped through the cracks. But thanks to his hit “Femininity” I was finally drawn to this release and immediately captivated. Eric has one of the best voices in R&B today – I said so myself right here – and his debut was just the beginning of what was to come.

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“True to Myself”


late nights and early mornings

Marsha Ambrosius, Late Nights & Early Mornings (2011)

Now we talkin! I’ve gone on record many times to say that Marsha Ambrosius’ debut is among my favorite albums of the past decade and it came pretty close to getting the coveted 5-star ranking. Marsha’s an unbelievable talent and this album is a great showcase of her talent.

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“Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player)”

“Chasing Clouds”

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  1. Ahhaa! Looks like my wishes have been granted! Great post. Both great albums but sadly thrown under the bus for the Yoncé’s and Usher’s of the industry

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