Flashback Friday: Sean Price and Sam Salter

It’s Friday! For some of y’all, that means spring break is on the horizon!

For most of y’all, it means more work is on the horizon.

But it’s Friday so there’s no need to complain, especially with these forgotten favorites below.

monkey barz

Sean Price, Monkey Barz (2005)

Last week we marked the birthday of the late Sean Price, one of rap’s most unappreciated voices. After memorable runs with Heltah Skeltah and Boot Camp Clik, P finally struck on his own as a solo artist in 2005, delivering an extremely solid debut.  We lost P in 2015 (you can read our tribute here) but his music is immortal.

Also check out:

“Onion Head”


it's on tonight

Sam Salter, It’s On Tonight (1997)

True story: I had planned for this week’s entry to spotlight R&B crooner Uncle Sam (we’ll get back to him another time) but then my wife asked about Sam Salter and reminded me of 1997’s “There You Are,” a song the ENTIRE WORLD slept on. Twenty years later and it’s still a banger. Sam is one of several late-90s artists who just didn’t get their just due. Show him some love now.

Also check out:

“After 12, Before 6”

“It’s On Tonight”

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  1. Sam Salter is one of the best crooners I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. I also agree: he NEVER was given his just due! I love everything Sam brings to the table. He is notwithstanding; the BEST thing since sliced bread!

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