Flashback Friday: Carl Thomas and Wu-Massacre

Happy Friday!

No need for long introductions, we’re all family here. Let’s get to the music. Here’s what we’re rocking this fine St. Patty’s Day.


Carl Thomas, Emotional (2000)

I’ve given my boy Carl a hard time over the years – the sad lyrics, the depressing videos, the closet stuffed with turtlenecks – but I refuse to let y’all front on his debut album. Its blend of classic soul and modern melodies made it an instant cult classic and one of the best albums of its era. I really wish we could get this Carl back, turtleneck and all.

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“I Wish”

“Lady Lay Your Body”


Wu-Massacre (2010)

The 2010 Wu-Massacre album was THE dream album for 90s hip-hop fans. Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon – the Wu-Tang dream team – all on one LP? It’s the stuff legends are made of. And while there was no way they could have matched the skyscraper-high expectations, this was a solid set that’s gone unappreciated in recent years. It wasn’t the classic we expected but it’s more than worthy of a few spins.

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“Our Dreams”

“Meth vs Chef 2”

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