New Music: Childish Gambino, ‘Me and Your Mama,’ Salaam Remi, ‘Camouflage’ and more


It’s like clockwork – once the year starts winding up, you can expect tons of new music to land.

Your favorite artists gotta start getting their Christmas coins together, I guess.

Check out a few notable tracks that have dropped in the past week or so.

Childish Gambino, “Me And Your Mama”

Donald Glover has enjoyed a breakout 2016, thanks to his critically acclaimed series Atlanta and landing a big role in an upcoming Star Wars film. That roll continues with his new album Awaken, My Love, which drops in December. The first single, “Me and Your Mama” continues the evolution of Gambino’s artistry – it’s more of a bizarre mix of psychedelic soul than the traditional rap track you’d expect. It’s tough one to wrap your head around. While I appreciate the creative direction, this one has yet to grab me. Gambino’s vocals just can’t keep up with the eclectic production. I’ll give it a chance to grow on me, but right now it seems to just be weird for the sake of weirdness.

Thumbs in the middle

Robin Thicke featuring Juicy J, “One Shot”

Thicke’s follow-up to that woeful Paula album has been on the shelf for awhile now, so his latest track hopes to generate new buzz. Thicke goes big band this time around, using aggressive horns and hand claps to bring the energy. Fun track, but it fails to really hit that next gear and reach a higher level.

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Rick Ross, “Kyrie”

At this point, if you’ve heard one Rawse track, you’ve heard ’em all. This is exactly what you’d expect – Ross sprinkling drug metaphors and Cleveland Cavs references over admittedly dope production. MMG fans will eat this up but most of us will shrug our shoulders. It’s by no means bad but it’s certainly nothing new.

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Salaam Remi featuring Mack Wilds and Nitty Scott, “Camouflage”

Producer Salaam Remi gets top billing here, but this is really a Mack Wilds track so we’re treated to yet another 90s throwback track. I ain’t complaining. Mack has a true knack for incorporating early 90s stylings into his music yet keeping his sound fresh and current. Nitty Scott’s verse is just icing here. “Camouflage” is a real treat for fans of 90s R&B and yet another reason for us to anticipate Wilds’ new project.

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What do you think of these new tracks? Let us know below.


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