Guilty Pleasures: 2 Chainz, “A Whip and a Chain”


We all have guilty pleasures, those songs that have no business on our iPods or the tracks we only blast with the windows rolled all the way up in our rides. In this column we share our darkest musical secrets.

Alison Moore nominated 2 Chainz’s “A Whip and a Chain” as her current guilty pleasure song, and I’ve gotta admit, it ain’t half bad.

I mean, it’s 2 Chainz, so it ain’t half good either. But he’s trying.

“A Whip and a Chain” is one of the featured cuts from The Birth of a Nation soundtrack and it does an admirable job reclaiming tools that once bound slaves as new symbols of black excellence. It’s certainly not a new concept but it’s rare to hear 2 Chainz give this kind of insight so I can’t hate on this one. Check it out below.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Email, hit me up on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section and share your guilty pleasures. Leave a sentence or two and I’ll share your selection in a future column.


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