FlashBLACK Friday: Sounds of Blackness and Black Star

Before y’all hit the streets to celebrate the birth of Christ by fighting people in Walmart for half-priced DVD players, we’re got a couple of throwback albums to get you through the day. Forget Flashback Friday, we’re going FlashBLACK Friday today.


Sounds of Blackness, The Evolution of Gospel (1991)

Boy, the world could certainly use some Sounds of Blackness these days. Their brand of jazzy gospel crossed over into realms of R&B and hip-hop charts in the 90s, showing that their uplifting messages were very well-received. Hearing them always puts me in the holiday mood.

Also check out:

“The Pressure Pt. 1”



Black Star, Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star (1998)

Speaking of groups we really need right now, Mos and Talib proved to be quite the dynamic duo in the late 90s, crafting an album that would become a cult classic. The themes of empowerment touched upon here are even more relevant in 2016 than they were 20 years ago.

Also check out:

“Respiration,” featuring Common

“Brown Skin Lady”

Now, it’s your turn. Email soulinstereoblog@gmail.com  hit me up on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section and share your Flashback Friday album. Leave a couple of sentences describing what makes it so great. I’ll feature your album on the blog.


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