Flashback Friday: The Firm and TGT

This Friday, let’s take a look at two ill-fated supergroups that didn’t QUITE live up to the hype but at least gave us a few great tracks before departing.


The Firm, The Album (1997)

Man, expectations were sky high for the Firm’s 1997 album. Just look at the lineup – Nas, who was already creeping up on legendary status; veteran spitter AZ; one of the game’s hottest newcomers in Foxy Brown; and talented wild card Nature. Add production from Dr. Dre and this lineup looked like the hip-hop Four Horsemen.

The album, though, left us a bit underwhelmed.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t have a few gems though. “Phone Tap” would go on become one of Dre’s most memorable productions, and there were several other solid tracks as well. It wasn’t the legendary album we were promised, but it’s still worth an occasional spin.

Also check out:

“Firm Biz,” featuring Dawn Robinson

“Executive Decision”


TGT, Three Kings (2013)

R&B fans shouted from the rooftops when three of the genre’s best vocalists – Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese – united to form their own soulful supergroup. Their 2013 album certainly had its flaws, but the trio still did their best to bring sexy back to soul music. With TGT’s future up in the air (at least right now – the story seems to change depending on the day of the week), fans better soak up this album while they can.

Also check out:

“I Need”

“Take It Wrong”

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  1. Firm Biz was all over South Africa’s top 40 hits countdown on Metro fm back in those days.

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