Flashback Friday: Redman and Miki Howard

Earlier this week, I reviewed The Game’s newest album, 1992, which is a throwback to, duh, the year 1992.

Go read the review. After you finish reading this of course.

Since we’re already in a 1992 kind of mood, let’s keep it going with these two albums.


Redman, Whut? Thee Album (1992)

Redman really and truly is one of the best MCs to bless the microphone. Go check out his 1992 debut if you disagree – he’s one of the first rap artists to blend his hilarious charisma and retain his rugged intensity. Whut? Thee Album was a game changer and immediately put the Funk Doc on the map.

Also check out:

“Blow Your Mind”

“Tonight’s Da Night”


Miki Howard, Femme Fatale (1992)

First – I need to borrow the Miki’s shoes from that album cover. I’d rock those TODAY.

Second – Miki’s seems to be remembered more for her tumultuous life than her stellar discography, so let’s change that. “Ain’t Nobody Like You,” the standout track from Miki’s fourth album, was her second and final No. 1 hit. It’s well deserving of praise, along with the jazz covers sprinkled throughout the release. Femme Fatale is one of her more underrated offerings, so check it out if you’re tardy to the party.

Also check out:

“Release Me”

“Shining Through”

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