What Ever Happened to: Az Yet

We really didn’t know how good we had it in 1996.

Boyz II Men. 112. New Edition. Dru Hill. Jodeci. Mint Condition. Tony Toni Tone.

That’s an all-star list of R&B royalty.

Now, how many active male groups do you hear on the airwaves in 2016?




Times are hard.

But back in 96, there was such a plethora of superstar male groups that some great groups often went unappreciated.

It’s time we show Az Yet some long-deserved love. Don’t remember them? Allow your boy to jog your memory.

When Az Yet released their solo debut album in 1996, they were comprised five members.

But they didn’t start out that way. Not by a long shot. Az Yet cycled through members like Beyonce changing outfits at the VMAs before the nailed the perfect union.

Sit back y’all. Soul In Stereo is about to turn into the math portion of the SATs. Pray for your boy.

The group’s origins began with Shawn Rivera and Dion Allen. They would later be joined by Kenny Terry to form a trio.

Later the group would add Ali Hyman, Claude Thomas, Dyshon Benson and Damon Core.

That’s seven.

Hyman and Core would soon bounce. Then Thomas and Benson dipped.

That’s three.

Never fear, the group would later add Darryl Anthony.

That’s four.

This group switches brothers more than Taylor Swift.


Anyway, the group finally caught a break during the roster rotations when Jacqueline McQuam got hold of the group’s demo. Her name might not ring a bell, but I bet her son-in-law’s name does: Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Face became the group’s mentor – and with him in your corner, success is certain.

It was around this time the group got arguably their biggest acquisition ­– former Boyz II Men member Marc Nelson.

That’s five. And the Az Yet was ready for primetime.


Their stardom occurred seemingly overnight – “Last Night,” to be exact. The sultry single, originally featured on the renowned Nutty Professor soundtrack, flew up the charts, peaking at No. 1 on R&B charts and No. 9 on pop.

But let’s talk about that video for one minute.

Now earlier, I was waxing nostalgic about the grand days of 1996 but let’s be real – when you take off the rose-colored Aviators everything that was great in 1996 wasn’t THAT great.

I mean, have you tried watching reruns of Family Matters? Ugh.

And as great as the song “Last Night” was, the video was, um, well, y’all watch for yourself:

These playas are really dancing in front of Windows 95 screen savers.


Thankfully their second video didn’t look like they were stuck in the lost levels of Super Mario 64. Their soulful cover of Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” was a top 10 Billboard hit, went platinum and landed them a Grammy nomination. It was the perfect record to solidify their self-titled debut album as a success.

But success is fleeting.

Marc Nelson left the group in 1997 due to what the always-reliable Wikipedia called “personal differences.”


And the door begins to revolve again.

Nelson was replaced by Tony Grant.

Then Grant was replaced by LeDon Bishop.

After Az Yet departed from DreamWorks Records, the group petered out.

That’s zero.

Darryl Anthony later resusitated the group with LeDon Bishop and two new members, Kris Gilder and Dante Harper.

That’s four.

The New And Improved Az Yet dropped an EP, That B U, in 2004 but disbanded soon after.

That’s zero.


Marc Nelson resurfaced and reunited with the original Az Yet trio – Kenny Terry, Shawn Rivera and Dion Allen ­– in 2008 and began working on an album.

That’s four.

Remember Tony Grant? He soon rejoined the party too.

That’s five.

Finally back to being a quintet, the group dropped the first single of their new project, “Share Life.” It was technically fine but way too safe – it really needed an injection of the passion that made “Last Night” so memorable.

But don’t get too comfortable. Marc and Tony soon bowed out and were replaced by Claude Thomas, who was part of the group WAY back in the day.

That’s four.

Y’all still with me? Cuz all these calculations got me like


A few years ago, Marc rejoined the group, vowing again to work on new material.

That’s five.

But Rivera moved on last year to pursue other projects.

That’s four.

And that FINALLY brings us to today, where Marc Nelson, Claude Thomas, Kenny Terry and Dion Allen are keeping Az Yet’s legacy of great music and weird music videos alive.


Y’all don’t pay me enough to do all this math.

Should They Come Back?: FUNNY YOU ASK!


Az Yet is planning to drop their new album, She’s Magic, Sept. 16! Check out “One Last Cry” and “Love Her Mind” – the brothers sound pretty great! They may have lost (many, many) members since 1996, but they haven’t lost their sound.

Hopefully, the NEW NEW NEW NEW version of Az Yet is here to stay.

Mainly because I can’t bear making another Az Yet member flow chart.

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  1. I had no idea that this group went through so many changes! That definitely explains the fluctuations of sound. Well….now we know why they were named “Az Yet”. Because we’ve Az Yet to see enough consistency from them to justify dropping coins on their tracks with the hopes of hearing them reclaim the essence of 90’s R&B! I wish them luck on their NEWWWWW, NEW, New, new….new sound. LOL!

  2. Marc Nelson is a psychopath!!!! This group will break up again. They just need to hang it up.

    • Hi,
      Marc Nelson is not apart of this group. This group is phenomenal and they are here. Everybody have had challenges. I don’t judge anyone. You are entitled to your opinion, but I am avid fan and family member. Get your facts straight before you start spitting venom.

  3. Wow! And I thought The Temptations went through a lot of singers! “Last Night” was a great song and considering the time the video really wasn’t that bad!

  4. Can every group stop being self indipended you all are who you are because of each other life is about challenges ask the Manhattans temptations o`jays if they made it this far why not RNb from the 90s look at jodeci immature soul for real we need you guys to stay strong for us please.

  5. I remember this group I grow up on the same block as Dion, and I remember him singing loudly on the corner of 5th street. Lol. I hope this new album does well

  6. This group changes members more than Rihanna changes weaves!

  7. It’s such a shame that this group didn’t get the recognition they deserved. They are so incredible yet underrated. Their first album? Dope! The harmonies are flawless. My favorite group member is Kenny Terry…goodness he has so much vocal range. I have a little crush on him lol I guess I’ll have to enjoy what they have out already…I wish they could make a major comeback.

    • They are currently in the studio working on a new single. All Original Members. Dion, Kenny, Claude, Dyshon, one new member Patrice. 2018 get ready.

  8. I so love this group, especially Kenny Terry. Great singer. Great voice. He has one of the best male voices. Ever!!! #phillyfan

  9. Ok my Philly-Men/Az Yet,I’m looking forward to hearing n seeing big things from you guys n 2018…make it happen.

  10. I really enjoyed your article. I asked Google what happened to As Yet and this popped up. Great read. It made me lol. Good job, thank you

    • AZ YET is in the studio 2018 currently Recording a new single. They are doing shows and all original members are together. Dyshon, Kenny,Claude, Dion, one new member Parrice.

  11. Great article! Answered all my questions. Never give up!

  12. Where in the world is Kenny Terry,and how can I meet him?

    • AZ YET is currently in the studio recording a new single. All original members are together.
      Dion, Kenny, Dyshon, Claude,new member Parrice

  13. Kenny Terry has such amazing vocals, the baritone in his voice. He has me listening to the song “Last Night” over and over again, also the video…… Just send me a recent photo, Kenny!

    • I will post a picture of the group soon once I get permission from them. They are currently in the studio recording a new single.
      All original members are together.
      Dion, Kenny, Claude, Dyshon and new member Parrice. Stay tuned or respond with your email.

  14. I love Shawn Rivera. That man’s line on last night is the most sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. The way he delivers it…here is the line”I drank your wine as you taste mine I kissed your lips, you felt my body sip,into your soul) I love him still.

  15. I love AZ Yet!!! I downloaded there first album on Tidal, and I listen to it constantly!!!

  16. Joyce washington June 7, 2018 at 2:11 am

    I watching az yet last night love the song and video i play it so much i know one of them is married are any of other orginal member that sang last night married and i hope they come back and do a record

  17. Hi thanks for being a AZ YET Fan. They are currently in the studio recording a new single. Original members are together Dion, Kenny, Claude, Dyshon, new member Parrice. Email me and I will update you on the group.

  18. Love the AZ yet story still my no. 1 album .. Wonder and if you can do a portrait update

  19. I had/have their first album. It was great. Few will admit it, but they were better singers than Boyz II Men. They seemingly got off to a nice start too, their first album was released by LaFace Records and their first two singles were big hits, and not just on the R&B charts, but top 10 pop hit. So I don’t understand how they just crashed and burned after they basically smashed out the gate. I mean, I know Marc Nelson was problematic, but he was replaceable. My guess is that it was the same old story: bad management, poor contracts, mishandling of money, and infighting. Too bad too, because out of the three big new R&B groups that year (the other two being Dru Hill and 112), they were easily the best.

  20. When you have a Hit album like their first album you have to keep up with that I don’t like their “now” sound … no power! I probably won’t ever listen to it after today and I definitely won’t buy the She’s Magic album altho the song itself is a good song

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