Flashback Friday: Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack and Cam’ron

Happy Friday, playas! Before we slide into this three day weekend, throw on this playlist and get your mind right.

waiting to exhale

Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack (1995)

If we’re debating the greatest soundtracks of the 90s, Waiting to Exhale can make a very strong case for the top spot. But when the album is written and produced by Babyface and features the best voices of that generation, greatness is expected. EVERYBODY’s auntie had this joint in 1995.

Also check out:

“Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” – Whitney Houston

“Not Gon’ Cry” – Mary J. Blige

confessions of fire

Cam’ron, Confessions of Fire (1998)

I picked up this CD – yes, SEE-DEE – for a couple of bucks from one of those random Best Buy junk bins a few months ago. And surprisingly, this album holds up pretty well today. This album features quite a few interesting concepts – including his battles with the personifications of both drugs and death. I know Cam’s style is an acquired taste but when he’s focused, he’s nearly unstoppable.

Also check out:


“D. Rugs”

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  1. Man, I was in my first year at varsity, in ’98, when I bought Confessions of Fire, and my boys clowned me real bad. I mean this dude had a song where he was crying for his mommy.

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