Flashback Friday: India Arie and Mona Lisa

It’s Friday! We’ve got a couple of soulful ladies to get you to the weekend. Get your earbuds ready.


India Arie, Voyage to India (2002)

It doesn’t seem that long ago when India Arie was considered one of the shining stars of the neo-soul movement. That era gave us lots of great songs – many of them featured right here on India’s sophomore set.

Also check out:

“The Truth”

“Can I Walk With You”


Mona Lisa, 11-20-79 (1996)

Longtime Soul In Stereo heads know of my longtime crush on Mona Lisa, who has seemingly vanished from Earth like 3D Doritos and Crystal Pepsi. That’s a shame – Mona’s debut album showed tons of promise, with most of the singles and remixes holding up today. She could have easily held her own with the Brandys, Monicas and Aaliyahs at the turn of the century. Ah well, at least she left us with this gem.

Also check out:

“You Said”

“Just Wanna Please You”

What Ever Happened to: Mona Lisa

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  1. Stumbled upon your site yesterday and yes, I am still here. OMG how could I have forgotten that thumper that AZ YET released back in the day! Seriously, what you are doing here is true community service.

    Now, did a search and can’t seem to find Donell featured on here. Yes, I realise that this simply confirms his endearing currency but you need to do a flashback feature on him for the sake of the freshest album a man every spat out (Jodeci were many men…). That album of course is ‘Where I wanna Be’. An album that could be released tomorrow and would wipe out all these embryos thinking they know about heart or soul. The album was/is fresh, poignant, polished, ethereal, inspired and encapsulates the very best of what a concentration of talent in one human being can look like manifested and fully expressed. Yes, I love me some Donell and this album is without doubt has a secure spot in the top 10 of albums released in the 90s. No arguments. The man was a shining blazing star and this album’s release made the world a much more beautiful place.

  2. I have been playing Mona Lisa debut for the last twenty years, frequently

    • It’s been my gospel for 20 yrs
      I purchased this album over and over because I would beat the CD’s down…i paid about $35 one time for it

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