Flashback Friday: Frank Ocean and Eminem

Well, today could be a huge day for music. Or it could just be another day filled with heartbreak and disappointment. More on that below.

Regardless, we’ve got the music to get you through it


Frank Ocean, Channel Orange (2012)

Well, if you trust people on the Internet (and who wouldn’t?) by the time you read these words Frank Ocean’s ridiculously delayed sophomore album will have finally been released.

Or not. Cuz we’ve played this game before.

As of this writing, the album is still nowhere to be seen. So while you wait, check out Frank’s beloved debut, an album that has become one of the most celebrated R&B releases of the past decade. It’s worth every bit of its praise. We’ll see if its predecessor measures up to this high bar.

IF we ever see it.

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“Golden Girl,” featuring Tyler, The Creator


Eminem, Recovery (2010)

Along with Frank Ocean’s mythical album, the other hot topic online this week is an alleged brewing rap war between Eminem and Drake. Um, don’t expect this “battle” to ever happen. Drake might be able to push around lightweights like Meek Mill but he knows better than to antagonize the rap Kraken. Besides, industry big-wigs would shut down the battle before it began – they can’t risk Em destroying their golden goose. So nope, no battle. Enjoy this extremely underrated Eminem album instead.

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“Cinderella Man”

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