Love Letters: Has Sage the Gemini Gone Soft?


I hope y’all survived Valentine’s Day.

If not, I’m here to help dig you out of that hole. Unless you deserve to be there.

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Here’s today’s question:

Rapper Sage the Gemini has taken to social media to get back in his former girlfriend Jordin Sparks’ good graces. Do you think he’s soft or just trying to get his woman back?

Love is a Battlefield

Huh. Was it common knowledge that these two were together? I didn’t know they were an item until the “news” broke that they were apart.

I mean, it’s not like I make it my business to keep up with what goes on in the bedrooms of C-list rappers. I’m just surprised this flew under my radar when half of y’all are STILL blabbing on my timelines about how Usher and Chilli were the perfect couple.

That was like 15 years ago. THEY AIN’T GETTING BACK TOGETHER.  The dream is dead.

Anyway, back to Sage. In case you have better things to do than follow Instagram gossip, here’s the rundown: After their breakup, Sage ran to IG to post a looooooooooong message pleading forgiveness and vowing to wait for Jordin to return. He even released a song to accompany it.

(Of course the letter has been removed by now. And the song is pretty horrible — I mean, it’s Sage the Gemini, not Sage the BrianMcKnightini)

There’s more to the story, with Sage’s ex leaking audio of a recorded phone call where he trashes Jordin, but I’ll let you and MediaTakeOut sort out that drama.

As Battlefield alluded to above, since Sage’s public apology, members of have called the man “soft” for going through all this trouble to win his woman back.

Why? Don’t y’all do the same thing when you break up with someone?

Look, I do think that running to social media to beg your ex to take you back is overkill. Your relationship should be between you and your ex, not him, her and half a million people on Instagram.

Sage knew what he was doing — he made the breakup public to gain sympathy. That might make him a lame opportunist, but it doesn’t make him soft.

It’s 2016, men should be allowed to show emotion without being labeled “soft.” (Including Drake — he’s overrated, but he ain’t soft.)

I hope it works out for the homie Sage. He should have just asked me for advice first.

And speaking of advice:

Do you think putting the heat on someone to get married works or backfires?


Let’s put it like this — say there is something you are hesitant to do. Maybe it’s making a presentation in front of a crowd or confronting an unreasonable person or even cleaning your funky bathroom.

Does having someone scream and threaten your livelihood motivate you to complete the terrible task?


Now I’m not comparing any of those things to marital bliss. In fact, if you believe the next step in your relationship is a stroll down the aisle, that’s certainly a conversation worth having.

However, forcing an undecided — or unwilling — partner into marriage is just gonna wind up in expensive divorce fees. If your mate’s heart isn’t in it, things are doomed from the start.

Marriage is supposed to be FOREVER and that commitment comes with a lot of pressures. Don’t add to them before the union even begins.


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