Listen Up: John Michael, ‘Unapologetic’


Timing is everything, and for my man John Michael, this is the perfect time to bare his soul.

Just a couple of months after releasing his LP Like A Drug, JM returns with his new mixtape, Duality. One of the most powerful songs from the collection, “Unapologetic,” is an honest celebration of black culture. “I won’t apologize for talking jive, dressin’ fly or simply lovin’ myself/I am a product of a long line of slaves that fought hard for something else.”

It’s the perfect message for today’s cultural climate.

You can cop Duality today on Amazon and iTunes or listen to it on your favorite streaming service. Spotify, Google Play, Slacker, Tidal, they all have it. Check out the video for “Unapologetic” below.

John Michael – UnapologeticUNAPOLOGETIC: A word that has been thrown around quite a bit lately. The qualities that make me special, make us special, makes us unique; we shouldn’t have to be afraid of it. We are who we are. Educated, Smart, Strong, Beautiful! If you agree hit the SHARE button and help me spread the message of love and understanding! We need to embrace ourselves more!! #DUALITY

Posted by John Michael on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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