Flashback Friday: J Dilla and Ice Cube

Happy Friday playas! In recognition of the most beautiful day of the week, we’ve got fire tracks for you!


J Dilla, Donuts (2006)

Last week this time, we marked the 10-year anniversary of J Dilla’s landmark album — sadly released three days before Dilla’s death. I’m not tossing around hyperbole or wallowing in nostalgia when I say that Donuts is home to some of the greatest instrumentals in hip-hop history.  It’s easily one of the most important albums of the decade.

Also check out:

“One for Ghost”

“Time: The Donut of the Heart”

the predator

Ice Cube, The Predator (1992)

I’m glad the Straight Outta Compton film educated you young’ns on how deadly Ice Cube was in the booth. His third album, The Predator, was his most successful and, arguably, his most cohesive. Of course “It Was A Good Day” became Cube’s signature hit but there’s even more to love here.

Also check out:

“It Was A Good Day”

“Check Yo Self,” featuring Das EFX

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