It’s November, are you ready to #BlogLikeCrazy?

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Guess what, bloggers? We’ve arrived at your favorite time of year.

I’m not talking about football or turkey — it’s time for the fourth annual #BlogLikeCrazy project.

Here’s a quick history lesson for new readers: The original incarnation of this very blog was founded by my wife, Javacia Harris Bowser. She has since moved on to launch See Jane Write, a networking group for women writers and bloggers. If you’re a woman writer, make sure you visit her site and get connected. It’s a fantastic resource.

One of See Jane Write’s most popular annual  events is the November #BlogLikeCrazy project, in which bloggers are challenged to publish at least one blog post every day of the month. As you can imagine, it’s tough cranking out a post every single day, but it’s a great way to expand your writing and to gain a new network of followers.

Soul In Stereo readers are the real lucky ones; stop by the site every single day for new content — album reviews, Love Letters, pop culture rants and a few more surprises. And bloggers, if you’d like to participate in the #BlogLikeCrazy movement, you can get more information, along with story ideas, right here. Be sure to use the #BlogLikeCrazy hashtag so we can keep up with you.

Now if you’ll excuse a brother, I’ve got 30 blog posts to write….


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