Flashback Friday: Kanye West and Rebbie Jackson

Halloween’s just a day away, the one day a year where adults feel justified in stealing candy from their own babies.

Y’all need to do better.

In the spirit of the season, I dug up two albums that feature infamously creepy videos.

my dark beautiful

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

Let’s just be honest/let’s just be real: Kanye’s last great album is a bit overrated these days. It’s ambitious and daring, but it’s also way too full of itself sometimes. Just like its maker. One undeniably great track was “Monster” and it’s video is appropriately disturbing.

Also check out:

“All of the Lights”

“So Appalled”


Rebbie Jackson, Centipede (1984)

It’s been 31 years, yet I still can’t get an explanation of WHAT this “Centipede” video is supposed to be. Rebbie is some sort of half woman/half tiger demon thing who lives in a painting and terrorizes a museum with electrical powers and her army of maitre d’s? It’s like the BET version of Ghostbusters 2.

Also check out:

“A Fork In the Road”

“I Feel Your You”

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