Flashback Friday: GZA and Somethin’ for the People

The weekend is almost upon us, and not a moment too soon. Here’s what we’re listening to today.

beneath the surface


GZA, Beneath the Surface (1999)

Props to my dude Ta-Nehisi Coates for being among the recipients of the MacArthur ‘Genius’ grants this week. Confirming his awesomeness, he changed his Twitter avi to that of the GZA, aka Wu-Tang’s Genius, to celebrate. The homie just keeps winning. That put me in the mood to revisit GZA’s third album, which, as always, is packed with unbelievable wordplay. Like this:

I’m the obscene slang kicker with no parental sticker
Advisin’ y’all that wise words is much slicker
Under circumstances label advances
Ample opportunity, infinite chances
The rhyme, the unrelated beef I don’t stress
I seen many killed for infinte-e-less

Your favorite rapper doesn’t have those kind of bars.

Also check out:

“Breaker, Breaker”

“Stringplay (Like This, Like That),” featuring Method Man

this time it's personal

Somethin’ for the People, This Time It’s Personal (1997)

Y’all always accuse me of being a music snob, but don’t you dare slide up on my site frontin like you didn’t rock to “My Love Is the Shhhh!” No, Somethin’ for the People won’t be nominated for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame anytime in the next 400 years, but they had at least one his on their resume. Give ’em that much.

Also check out:

“Think of You”

“All I Do”

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