Flashback Friday: Myron and Sunset Park Soundtrack

One of best things about social media is connecting with fellow music lovers across the globe to chat about the sounds we love. This week’s edition is courtesy of convos with good friends.


Myron, Destiny (1998)

Shout out to my girl @MrsSuperWife on Twitter, who added her name to the long list of readers demanding a What Ever Happened to… piece on elusive 90s R&B star Myron. He showed a ton of potential with this debut, but has been largely overlooked since. While I track down the homie, enjoy his solid debut.

Also check out:

“So Fly”

“Give My All To You”

sunset park soundtrack

Sunset Park Soundtrack (1996)

The 90s gave us countless fantastic soundtracks. Don’t believe me? Check this out this list. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

You back? Cool.

Sunset Park was a solid, but sorta forgettable movie. The soundtrack, though, has stayed in my rotation long after the film got old. It’s a all-star list of 90s music — Pac, Dogg Pound, Aaliyah, MC Lyte, Xscape, Queen Latifah and Groove Theory all deliver the goods. Thanks to my man @LukeJamesBGN on Twitter for reminding me how great this was.

“Are You Ready,” Aaliyah

“Elements I’m Among,” Queen Latifah

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  1. Thanks for starting a search on Myron.I still enjoy listening to this album and I would love to know what he’s up to. Hopefully he’s well and in time will return to music.

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