Flashback Friday: Ms. Jade and Raekwon

It’s been a rough 24 hours in America, playas. Here’s some much-needed musical therapy.

girl interrupted

Ms. Jade, Girl Interrupted (2003)

The game sure could use a Ms. Jade comeback. Not just because we’re in dire need of competent female MCs but Jade rapped with a passion that’s largely missing in today’s music. Jade was aggressive, insightful and with the help of producer Timbaland, pretty innovative. Jade, the game really needs you.

Also check out:

“Big Head”

“Dead Wrong” featuring Nate Dogg

wutang vs shaolin

Raekwon, Wu-Tang vs Shaolin (2011)

Weird Edd story: Last weekend I was doing some gardening at Bowser’s castle while listening to some classic Raekwon. I was randomly joined by a blue-tailed lizard who hung with your boy the entire time, bobbing his head to “Incarcerated Scarfaces.” I promise I’m not making this up. That encounter made me revisit Rae’s underrated 2011 album, which provided its fair share of bangers as well. Rae’s the only rapper I know who gets props from the animal kingdom.

Also check out:

“Snake Pond”

“Rich & Black,” featuring Nas

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