Flashback Friday: Ginuwine and X Clan

Happy Friday, playas! As always, I’ve got some throwback favorites for you.

the bachelor

Ginuwine, Ginuwine…The Bachelor (1996)

Do y’all listen to the YouKnowIGotSoul/SoulInStereo weekly podcast? If not, stop sleeping. Last week, we discussed Ginuwine’s upcoming album, entitled, Bachelor Again, But Wiser. Yeesh, why not The Bachelor Returns, or something that doesn’t sound like a ghetto self-help book? Despite the weird title, I hope the album recaptures the sound of Ginuwine’s debut album, which still sounds pretty fresh in 2015.

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“Only When Ur Lonely”

“I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry”


X Clan, Xodus (1992)

Remember X Clan? Back in the early 90s, these brothers led the way for spirituality and black nationalism. In today’s turbulent cultural times, their messages should be embraced.

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