Flashback Friday: Mista and Jesse Powell

This Friday, I figured we’d take a look at two R&B acts that didn’t get their just due. It’s never too late to revisit their music. They had hits.


Mista (1996)

Man, the homie Nick Birdsong continues to come through with bangers. Back in the mid-90s, Mista was one of the most promising R&B groups on the horizon, thanks to their hit “Blackberry Molasses.” Their star didn’t shine long, although group member Bobby V did enjoy solo success later. Still, what they gave us was noteworthy.

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“What About Us”

bout it

Jesse Powell (1998)

I always felt like Jesse entered the game just a couple years too late. His heartfelt songs and warm vocals would have been massive in the early ’90s. But by the late ’90s, R&B was becoming decidedly more hip-hop, and he was soon left behind. It’s a shame. His ‘Bout It album was by far my favorite of his work, still holding up well today.

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“I Wasn’t With It”


What Ever Happened to: Jesse Powell

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