Flashback Friday: Redman and H-Town

While winter rages on and annoys us all, we can at least find comfort in these heat rocks. Step your playlists up and revisit these favorites.

whut thee album

Redman, Whut? Thee Album (1992)

Redman is the most legendary rap figure your little brother has never heard of. The Funk Doc’s unmatched delivery mixed humor and hard core flows to create one of the most memorable flows in the game. Even in 2015, his style is uniquely his own — no one else can imitate it. Salute one of the most creative — and hilarious — MCs of all time.

Also check out:

“Tonight’s Da Night,” featuring Hurricane G

“Blow Your Mind”

fever for da flavor

H-Town, Fever for da Flavor (1993)

In 2015, R&B groups are on the endangered species list, but in 1993, you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a high-top fade. H-Town made their mark with their sexed-up slow jams,  thanks to partner-in-crime Uncle Luke. Their first album might be their most memorable — it certainly produced their most memorable single. And RIP Dino.

Also check out:

“Lick U Up”

“Fever For Da Flavor”

What ever happened to: H-Town

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