Flashback Friday: Boomerang soundtrack and New Jack City soundtrack

I know it, you know it — 90s soundtracks were awesome. Not long ago I counted down the best 90s soundtracks for the worst 90s movies. But let’s look at two movies that were just as good as their accompanying music.

boomerang soundtrack

Boomerang soundtrack (1992)

Earlier this week a friend asked me to name Eddie Murphy’s best movies. Of course this one was one my list. The soundtrack was most notable for being a launching pad for Toni Braxton, who went on to become one of R&B’s most storied voices.

Also check out:

“I’d Die Without You,” P.M. Dawn

“There U Go,” Johnny Gill

new jack city soundtrack

New Jack City soundtrack (1991)

Yeah I know “New Jack City” isn’t exactly Oscar material, but it’s in the pantheon of hood classics. Add the soundtrack to the list too. Living up to its name, it’s the pinnacle of the New Jack Swing sound and features all of the genre’s heavy hitters — Color Me Badd, Johnny Gill, Christopher Williams and, of course, my dude Keith Sweat.

Also check out:

“(There You Go) Tellin’ Me No Again,” Keith Sweat

“I Wanna Sex You Up,” Color Me Badd

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  1. Man! Boomerang was my go-to soundtrack for one summer during our time in Norcom. New Jack City was my travel music when we left Hawaii to come to Virginia. I remember reading Needful Things while listening to the New Jack City soundtrack. Lyrics to the Rhythm and Dick in the Dust were my jams.

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