Listen Up: Malik, ‘Both of You’

You can tell when an artist was born to be in the music biz.

Emerging R&B soulstar Malik has that pedigree. Born in Oxnard, Calif., and brought up in Bakersfield, Malik credits his biracial household for exposing him to different genres of music, including rancheras, pop and R&B. His father also toured with a hip-hop band in Europe – clearly Malik was born to do this.

Need proof? His vocals are effortless on “Both of You,” a sultry cut that would be right at home on R&B and pop playlists.

His genes have the imprint of success. Now he’s ready to take the next step. “Both of You” puts him on the right track.

For more on Malik, visit his website or follow @ThisIsMalik on Twitter.

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