Flashback Friday: Fugees and Zhane

Ready to end your week on a high note? You won’t regret stopping by. Check out these old favorites.

Fugees, Blunted on Reality (1994)

Before the Fugees were the biggest group in hip hop, they were simply Blunted on Reality. Besides the singles getting a few spins on BET’s Rap City, this album flew under the radar of mainstream fans. In fact, I credit a guy who sat at my school lunch table for introducing me to this album. His attempts to mimic their flow at lunch were downright pitiful, but I was glad to get to know the Fugees before the hype.

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Zhane, Saturday Night (1997)

Here’s proof that every album deserves a second listen. I copped this album back in ’97, listened to it once and HATED IT. About a decade later, I was bored and gave it another shot – I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Whether it was just nostalgia for that 90s R&B sound or if Mature Edd’s ears were more accepting to the love themes, this was a much more satisfying listen as an adult. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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