Flashback Friday: Paramore and Kelly Price

Playas, let me tell you, I’m ready to put this week behind me.

Nothing bad happened per se. In fact, I was glad that y’all actually started talking about strong, lyrical hip-hop again, instead of the Love & Hip Hop cartoon characters that usually infest my timeline.

Still, this week seemed endless. I’m sure you feel me. Let’s wrap this thing up with good music.

Larry Robinson shares an awesome story about meeting his “crushcrushcrush.”

Paramore, Riot! (2007)

Larry said: “This Flashback is brought to you by 103.7 the Q. I stumbled upon Paramore one day listening to local radio and ‘Misery Business’ was playing. Typically I would have switched the station but my mind was somewhere else. That’s when lead singer Haley’s vocals caught my ear and I was hooked. ‘Crushcrushcrush’ was the next single and another hit. Hello, iTunes! One copy of Riot! by Paramore, please.

“Now for my groupie moment which sealed this album in my life. Paramore was touring at the time and Birmingham was one of those stops. I wanted to go but didn’t want to stick out. (Let’s say I don’t fit the typical fan base). I went on break with my friend outside in downtown Birmingham not too far from the venue. I was in mid-conversation with my friend and my sight drifted across the street. I see two people (one male, one female) riding BMX bikes downtown. Not normal. The female had scarlet red hair. Not normal. My mind races and next thing I know I’m chasing them on foot for two blocks downtown. I catch up to them and they stop and look at me in bewilderment. I guess it’s not every day you get a 6′ 2″ 280-pound-ish black man chasing you in broad daylight. I got to meet the lead singer Haley Williams and the bassist Jeremy Davis. All that to shake their hands and tell them I like their music while breathing like I ran 5K. Awesome.”

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Edward hangs with a pure diva.

Kelly Price, Priceless (2003)

Edd said: “If you watch R&B Divas LA, you probably know that Kelly Price has quickly become the series’ main villain. She claims that’s due to bad editing. Nah, playa, that’s due to a bad attitude. Regardless, the woman is amazingly talented and it’s no secret that her debut album is my favorite album of all time. Seriously. Her third set, Priceless, is her second-best work – crammed with tons of emotion and soul-stirring vocals. That attitude of hers has gotta go, but her vocal talent? Let’s keep that around.”

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