Flashback Friday: Tyrese and LL Cool J

It’s Friday, people, FRIDAY! Get excited or something.

As we always do, let’s turn back time and revisit some of our favorites.

Henry Barnett shows R&B fans some love.

Tyrese, I Wanna Go There

Henry said: “One of my favorite R&B albums. It’s one of the few I can listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. Just a solid album.”

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“Signs of Love Makin'”
“On Top of Me”

Edward visits Uncle L.

LL Cool J, The DEFinition (2004)

Edd said: “I reviewed LL’s latest album a few weeks ago and while it’s not nearly as bad as some reviewers claim, it’s certainly not very impressive. LL’s last great album was his 2004 offering, which paired him with Timbaland and birthed radio-friendly cuts and club smashes.”

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“Feel the Beat”

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