Love Letters: Seven Marriage Moments, No. 7

Two become one.

Today, my wife and I mark seven years of marriage. In this edition of Love Letters, we complete the countdown of the biggest moments of our marriage and how they made us stronger.

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Marriage Moment No. 7 – The Wedding Day

Ah, what can I say about the big day? After more drama than all 10 seasons of The Bad Girls Club combined, I’m happy to say that our ceremony was absolutely joyous. Although several bridesmaids and groomsmen dropped out for whatever reason, we still ended up with an even number of participants so the guests didn’t notice the turmoil. Um, until now, I guess.

When my future wife walked down the aisle, her mom burst into tears. Not the bad kind, either. My brother, my best man, whispered one last word of advice: “If you’re gonna back out, better do it now!” I just ignored that fool.

Soon after came the vows. Man. The wife’s vows were so powerful and heartfelt that they sounded like something from a movie. I wish I had a transcript. I had to read my vows from an index card (yeah, I’m wack) but she seemed moved.

And then, the kiss and proclamation of marriage.

Having my family and friends there for such an important moment meant the world to me. I had been away from home my Virginia home for about five years at that point but having my hometown crew and family in-house with my new Ky. crew and family along with my in-laws, who would become so dear to me – was the perfect combination.

Lesson for the day: Despite all the drama the day before – and even despite my loved ones being present for the ceremony – that day was about me and my wife. When we recited our vows, it’s like hundreds of people vanished. It felt like we were the only ones in the room.

No matter what is thrown your way, it all boils down to you and your mate. Never put anything before that person. Two are now one.

Happy anniversary to my beloved Javacia. Seven down, infinity to go.

Stunning bride
I love this pic but the specter of bridesmaid Kim lurking over my shoulder is mad creepy.



  1. Awww!!! This was BEAUTIFUL! I just emailed it out to my single and wedding planning friends!

  2. Finding your blog is the highlight of my week!
    And this is just so awesome!
    Greetings from Kenya.

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